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How to Make Your Own Squishy Baff

How to Make Your Own Squishy Baff


Squishy baff is a magic powder which once added to the bath tub will make it squishy or you can say soupy and mushy. The kids can climb in such a pool and have fun. This powder is most likely a polymer which can be explained as a chain of molecules according to Chemistry. Now these molecules work up to soak water more than their actual size and get swelled to a larger size through osmosis. They thus hold water enough more than their actual size and thus children prefer to play in a pool full of squishy baff. If you wish to make squishy baff yourself at home, here are some tips which will help you in the same:-

How to Make Your Own Squishy Baff

How to Make Your Own Squishy Baff

1. Use the Sodium Salt of Polyacrylic Acid:-

Sodium Polyacrylate with the chemical formula [-CH2-CH(CO2Na] can be purchased for making enough squishy baff. You can make it at home following the chemistry based recipes for making it. The other such salts like potassium, lithium and ammonium can also show similar properties as well. Here we are using Sodium Polyacrylate as it has the ability to absorb 800 to 1000 times more water than its actual weight.

2. Mixing Proportions:-

six scoops of Sodium salt of Polyacrylic acid should be mixed up with four pitchers full of colored water. You can use anything ranging from food colors, color fizzers or true color tablets to add color to the water. You can even add other play toys of your children to this water as well.

3. Not to be consumed At All:-

Now, though children are supposed to play with squishy baff and it is not at all dangerous for them but its properties become a limitation when children try to eat it. We know that squishy baff has the ability to soak up and hold water through the process of osmosis and if a child mistakenly inhales or eats squishy baff, it will make him prone to dehydration. Even if you have supervised your child not to eat squishy baff, still it should not be drained in the sewage line and instead it can be thrown in garden after usage.

4. The Same What We Use In Diapers:-

Most of the diapers available in market claim to be super absorbent. These diapers are based on the same concept. The polymers used in these diapers have the ability to soak more water than their actual weight and this is why we use them in making diapers. Polyacrylic acid is though free from danger but it should still be handled with care when provided to children.

5. Hazards of Polyacrylic Acid:-

Polyacrylic acid is sometimes related with mild irritations if eye or skin exposure occurs. Enough water should be added in order to avoid such from happening and this squishy baff making process is just for experimental purposes. We never claim/bear any hazard taking place while making or usage process on our shoulders. One should use such prepared compositions on his own risk.


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