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How to Make Your Own Soap Bars

How to Make Your Own Soap


Soap is a cake made out of saponification which shows cleansing action when we use it with any piece of cloth or part of the body. Cleansing action of soap is related with micelle formation where the dirt particles get stuck to a micelle of soap which helps in detaching the dirt from the body or cloth and thus the concerned part of the body or a piece of cloth gets cleaned.  Soap is nothing but a salt of fatty acid and it can be bought in use for washing, bathing, cleaning and other such similar purposes. Soap can be easily obtained at home by treating vegetable or animal oil and fats with strongly alkaline solution. In order to make your own soap at home, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Make Your Own Soap Bars

How to Make Your Own Soap Bars

1. Gather The Ingredients:-

In order to make your own soap, you will need the ingredients like oils to heat an alkaline solution, dried herbs to add texture and color, fats, lye to assist process of saponification, butter and other such tools and ingredients which can be bought in use to make soap. You can even bring some mold containers to fill soap mixture in it for shaping it up. The oils and fats like Coconut oil, Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Cocoa butter, Caster Oil, Shea butter, Avocado oil, Mango butter etc. are some of the names that can be best added for making a soap.

2. Lay Newspaper on Your Work Area:-

It is always better to lay some newspapers on your work area to prevent it from being spoiled during saponification process. You can put on gloves and eye gear as a security protection. You can keep some water by your side to use within the approach and you can follow any simple recipe on internet to consider the proper amount of ingredients needed.

3. Measure the Lye and Mix It with Water:-

Here I have taken approximately 75 grams of lye. This amount can differ from recipe to recipe. We will add this lye to water stirring as we go ahead. Talking about the amount of water in which we have to mix this lye, 225ml of water or any amount near to it will suit the best. The water should be cool. Fumes are likely to get generated when you mix lye with water and thus you should maintain a safe distance. Allow the water to sit and then we can begin the further steps.

4. Add Oils in a Pint Jar:-

Here we take a pint jar, adding oils in it together.  Heat the jar in a microwave oven for at least 60 seconds and then take it out. The temperature should be about 120 degrees or so till yet. Let them get cooled for some time and then mix lye with the oils slowly while stirring until all the constituents get mixed. Keep stirring while blending perfectly so as to make it a form a thick paste.

5. Adding the Herbs and Coloring Agents:-

Here comes the time to add herbs, flower petals and other such coloring or texture adding agents to your soap provided all these are natural and free from side effects. Stir the paste to combine these ingredients and then pour the paste in each of respective molds to shape it up like soap. Soap will get hard within next the 24 hours and then you can take the soap cakes so formed out of the molds to use it.


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