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5 Ways to Make Your Own Nail Polish At Home

How to Make Your Own Nail Polish


Has your old nail polish ended and the empty bottle is not letting you live with it? Do you wish to get experimental enough as to make new shades? You will simply need some raw materials, and that’s it. You will easily be able to make nail polish this way and that will rather look more adorable on your fingers. Here we are providing some tips for you to refill your nail polish bottle every time it gets empty and thus never throw any nail polish bottle the next time when it gets empty and instead make an experiment our way.

5 Ways to Make Your Own Nail Polish At Home - HowFlux

How to Make Your Own Nail Polish At Home

1. Gather Up The Raw Materials:-

The raw materials for making a nail polish for yourself may include some tree sap or shellac, Some nail polish remover, sparkles, some empty nail polish bottles and preferable the makeup color that you use on your face. You may even choose to add some ready-made nail polish colors with the self-made nail polish so as to enhance the color as well as looks and make new shades as well.

2. Take An Empty Container:-

Take an empty container with some shellac or tree sap or tree gum in it and heat it over the gas stove and let it get melted. Keep this shellac by your side so as to make nail polish from it.
Now take up the empty nail polish bottles and add some drops of nail polish remover to them. The nail polish that was dry stick to the walls of container will get mixed with the nail polish remover this way and even the remover liquid will get colored this way.

If you wish to make the nail polish of same color or any other contrasting color, then there is no need to throw this solution, but if you wish to make new color shades, you may choose to throw the solution letting the bottle get cleaned this way.

3. Getting Experimental:-

Add shellac to this bottle in such a way that the bottle gets 1/3 filled with it. After the shellac gets added, you may choose to add sparkles to this self-made nail polish or you may even choose to make experiment with makeup color as well. Simply dilute some of the makeup color in a few drops of water and then add it to the nail polish bottle. This will give the desired shade color to yourself made nail polish.

4. Making The Different Shades:-

You will need to experiment mixing up shades of different colors so as to get enhanced and new color shades for your nails. Add two drops of glue to this self-made nail polish or you may even add the colorless nail paint drops to this self-made nail paint of yours as well.

5. Application Approaches:-

After all the bottles have got ready with the specific shades, you may choose to add some sparkles or no sparkle to them and simple close the bottle and shake it so as to get the ingredients get mixed in a safe way. Keep the bottles as it is for overnight and then try applying the nail paint afterwards. Your self-made nail polish is ready for use.


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