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How to Make Your Own Funny Pictures

how to make your own funny pictures


The world today is a world of pictures and selfies. We keep uploading our pictures on social networking websites like Facebook very much frequently. Uploading pictures is a normal thing, but uploading something unique is really a different thing. In order to make your pictures attractive enough, you can make experiments with them in the form of frames, poses and even looks. One such look preferred by people while clicking their pictures is the funny pose. In such a pose, we make funny faces and click the picture meanwhile in order to make it a perfect click. In order to make your pictures funny, you can bring in use the following tips:-

how to make your own funny pictures

How to Make Your Own Funny Pictures

1. Use Vegetable Slices With Your Eyes:-

Cut a cucumber in thin round slices and make a hole in between. Now pick two of these slices and put them on your eyes to click a photograph. It will really look funny when your eyes will be seen pimping out of the vegetable slices. You can even use any other thing like eggs or tomatoes or any other such thing in order to make your picture look funny.

2. Get Your Nose Pierced In a Really Weird Way:-

Get your nose pierced with an ear ring which looks really weird. Get your neck tattooed with a tattoo which makes you look funny. You can make pout face or any other such face which makes you look funny. Just take a selfie stick and click your picture.

3. Make Bad Faces:-

Make bad faces with your mouth in order to look funny. Change shapes of your lips and make experiments with your ears, nose, mouth or any other part of your body to make your face look funny. Such pictures can be clicked occasionally to save them in laptop or phone or any other memory unit to upload them later whenever you wish to upload something funny.

4. Use Ghost Mask:-

Using a ghost mask to give yourself a changed look is really an awesome way of looking funny. You can even dress up as a girl being a boy or tom boy or Trans gender in order to look funny. Sometimes you can even use prank toys and tricks to look funny or you can even make experiments with your dresses to resemble a funny look.

5. Take Tongue Out of Mouth:-

Take tongue out of the mouth and click a picture. If you are in a group, just stand in a kicking pose or pulling leg pose or any other such pose to look funny. You can even make funny faces by applying color or sparkles or make-up shades on your face to look funny as well.

6. Make Finger Horns above Your Friend’s Head:-

Stand in a pose with your friends and use your fingers to make horn pose keeping your hand just besides one of your friend’s head. You can even resemble any other such position like pretending to insert finger in one of your friend’s ears or even their nose or any other such gesture which turns your picture pose into a funny one.


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