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How to Make Your Own Fuel Saver

How to Make Your Own Fuel Saver?


Fuel is something that we add to a machine or vehicle in order to make it start functioning. We know that most of the fuels like Petrol, Diesel etc. are available in just a limited amount and they take million of years to form again. In such a time, the need of hour is to reduce the consumption of such fuels and to use renewable ways of operating fuel consuming devices. A “Fuel Saver” in such a time can act as the best way of saving such fuels by reducing the consumption and increasing the amount of fuel saved. In order to make your own fuel saver for any generator/machine/automobile or vehicle, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How to Make Your Own Fuel Saver?

How to Make Your Own Fuel Saver

1. Your Air Conditioner Makes the Most of Load on Engine:-

I have personally noted it down that a car engine experiences load when either its air conditioner is switched on or if it is driving on a slope or slanted mountain road. In such a condition, you are advised to either keep your air conditioner switched off or you can position another rechargeable battery in your car for air conditioner preventing the load on your car’s engine because of the air-conditioner.

2. Position an Electric Switching On/Off Device:-

Most of the motorbikes with old kick start model experience a loss of fuel in the conditions like traffic jams as they have to keep the engine of their vehicles switched on even in such a situation. In order to prevent fuel loss in such a situation, you can get an electric start or switching on/off device within your vehicle to make it easy for yourself to switch off the engine when it is not needed.

3. Keep Vehicle Speed Maintained At A Custom Speed:-

When we increase and decrease the speed of a particular vehicle at a very much non-uniform rate, it experiences more loss of fuel, but if you use the vehicle at a uniform rate with constant custom speed, it will experience a less loss of fuel and thus you can easily save the fuel.

4. Position A CNG Kit in Your Vehicle:-

Most of the CNG equipped cars start with petrol as a fuel, but then as they move forward, the vehicle is automatically turned to the CNG mode which saves lots of petrol from getting wasted. You can operate the car on petrol mode when it experiences a load and you can use it in CNG mode when it is going smooth. This will prevent fuel wastage and it will save fuel as well.

5. Use Solar Power Operated Accessories for Your Car:-

Most of the people these days spare their cars from getting battery or fuel operated devices positioned in it and instead they position accessories with solar panel positioned in them. Now these accessories operate on solar power and thus a significant amount of fuel gets spared.

6. Take Inspiration from the Products on E-Bay:-

There are countless fuel saving products on online shopping websites like   with the technological approach used depicted against them For example Tornado fuel saver, Electronic Engine ionizer fuel saver etc. Once you come to know about the technology used in that particular fuel saver, you can use it for making your own fuel saver. Like if I talk about The electronic Engine Ionizer fuel saver, it consists of a couple of wires molded to some rubber blocks or capacitor blocks which clip to the spark plug wires near the plugs and then intend to carry the corona charge from cylinder’s plug wires to the electrodes of the other plugs saving a significant amount of fuel.


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