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How to Make Your Own Face Cream Organically

How to Make Your Own Face Cream Organically


People these days are very much concerned about their facial charm and beauty. Most of the skin enhancing creams cost much out of your pockets and thus it is not always possible for one to purchase all those cosmetic creams available in the market. The need for hour in such a time is to make your own facial cream and this can be done in an easy way if you have knowledge of ingredients as well as the process of making. Our skin is always prone to dead cells, oil and other such agents and thus in order to cure the skin against such factors, such a cream if always a better option. In order to make your own facial cream, you can use the following steps:-

How to Make Your Own Face Cream Organically

How to Make Your Own Face Cream Organically

1. Choose Only The Naturally Produced Products:-

Being organic means using only those ingredients which are grown in a complete chemical free atmosphere with naturally produced manure and thus here we will choose only those products for making our cream which have been produced naturally. We will take water; oils, emulsifying agent (Bee wax) and we will use herbs as well as medicinal plant products in it. Oils like almond oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter and Aloe Vera gel will be perfect for our cream if we wish to give it anti-ageing properties. We can add a little bit of orange peel extract and neem tree extract to give it skin treatment properties.

2. Begin preparing an emulsion:-

Most of the oils keeps floating over the water and never get mixed with it. In order to make water mixed with oils as well as other such ingredients, we will need to convert it in the form of an emulsion. Approximately 60-65 % part of our cream will be composed of water and the rest will be oils, bee wax and other ingredients.

3. Prepare the Container:-

Here we will learn how to store a particular cream. Just purchase any kind of container to store your cream in it, but it is better if it is made of plastic. Just sterilize it in advance with boiling water and then keep the jars aside for storage of cream in it. The containers will be kept in refrigerator and thus usage of a glass made container might not be a good option.

4. Begin Preparation:-

Take the ingredients like cocoa butter, Shea butter, coconut oil and beewax in melted form along with all the other herbal extracts and ingredients that you have taken as an ingredient and add them together in a bowl over a pot of hot water. Add hydrosol and Aloe Vera gel in it and blend them together. Blend for a few minutes more till the mixture gets fluffy.

5. Abstain from Essential Oils if you are making it for a Baby:-

Such creams suit the best for an adult and they never suit a child. You should never use essential oils while making your cream if it is being made for a baby. If it is a body cream, you should use lighter oil so that the body may be able to absorb it quickly.


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