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How to Make Your Own Cupped Bra

How To Make Your Own Cupped Bra


A bra is basically a garment that women wear on their breasts to support their breasts and shoulders. Cupped bra is called cupped bra because its shade from the area of nipples is in the form of cups. Making a bra just requires you to notice your size specifications and you can make it by noting down the length, size and shape of any of your old bra’s from the cupboard. Cupped bra is simply the best choice to make if you are seeking for something to support and shape your breasts. In order to make your own cupped bra at home, you can follow the following tips:-

How To Make Your Own Cupped Bra

How to Make Your Own Cupped Bra

1. Gather The Material:-

In order to make a cupped bra, you will need building materials like cotton fabric cloth, foam sheet (1/8 yd in size), lining, lace, hooks, paper to trace shapes, lingerie elastic, strap elastic, underwire, ribbon for decoration if you need it and simply every other sort of decorative material that you wish to ring in use.

2. Developing The Pattern of A Bra:-

Almost all of us women have an old bra kept within the house. Just unstitch it with the help of a blade and use each of its parts to draw a pattern of the bra on the piece of paper and we will cut off the same patterns later on from the fabric that we have bought for making bra stuffing the foam cups in it.

3. Begin Stitching the Physical Structure of Your Bra:-

Take your own body measurements and compare them with the size specifications of your old bra. Make changes with the size of pattern drawn on piece of paper accordingly and then cut those patterns from paper with the help of scissor. Now place the same cuttings on the fabric of your bra making material to give it a perfect size specification cut mark. Cut the fabric from desired places with the help of a scissor and begin stitching the physical structure of your bra this way.

4. Stitch the Foam Cups In Between:-

Stitch lingerie elastic keeping it between some parts of the fabric strip in order to use it as a strap elastic. Attach hooks on the same formation to make it function as a bra wearing and a bra opening attachment. Prepare cups with the help of foam in such a way that two parts of each cup in halves are obtained. Sew the two cup pieces together along the middle making sure that perfect orientation is achieved and then give them a coat of bra making fabric by stitching it over them.

5. Make Decorations with the Lace:-

Attach the lace with your bra’s boundary to make it look more seductive. Putting on a stretch lace is simply the best idea in this step. Give your bra a final touch and cut off the pieces of thread emerging out from it. Remember to keep your bra comfortable enough as to support your shoulders and nipples. You can even customize the color or looks of your bra your way choosing between the available color and texture in fabric options.


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