How to Make Your Own Christmas Wreath Ideas (5 Steps)

How to Make Your Own Christmas Wreath Ideas

How to Make Your Own Christmas Door Wreath


A Christmas door wreath is an assortment of flowers, buds, twigs, leaves and fruits which is constructed to resemble a ring. It is usually treated as a household ornament and mostly it is used as a door decoration on festive occasions like Christmas.  Christmas is a festival of December which occurs every year on 25th of this month. People exchange gifts and candies on this day and decorate their houses in every way they can. Purchasing a readymade wreath takes lots of money out of your pockets and thus it is always advised that you make a Christmas wreath yourself. If you also wish to make one such Christmas wreath for the door of your house, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Make Your Own Christmas Wreath Ideas

How to Make Your Own Christmas Wreath Ideas

1. Gather the essentials and make a base:-

In first step, we collect flowers, buds, twigs, leaves, fruits etc. and we begin making the wreath base. The base will be made in the form of ring with shoots, leaves and buds attached to it. You can decorate it any way you want, but you should take your time to do it in a proper way. Five supple shoots around one meter in length will also be attached.

2. Make the shoots bent:-

We will bend the shoots in order to form a circle.  Just wrap the shoot around itself and you can use your knees to do this. Tuck one shoot after the other in a similar way and add more shoots if needed. The attachments should be tightly fixed in order to avoid any detachment.

3. Use the Rest of Decorative Items:-

Once you have seized the ring, you can use simply everything from flowers to buds and from leaves to twigs in order to decorate the ring. You can even use dried flowers or seed heads, sages, bay leaves and other such evergreen herbs to decorate it. You should make it thick enough to decorate the most of it and you can use simply every item out of your garden to decorate it.

4. Attach a ribbon on your wreath:-

Attach a ribbon or many of them on your Christmas wreath to decorate it in the same way as we follow when we gift pack a box. You can use thin wires to fix the pieces of your decoration. The wreath should be made strong enough to not break when we fix it over the door. Every sort of care needs to be taken to fix the attachments properly with the wreath as else it can meet a breakage because of the swinging back and forth of the door.

5. Fix it on the door:-

Now here comes the time to fix the wreath thus prepared on the door. We can fix it with a two side gluing tape fixed at the back side or by the means of thin fixing wires afterwards to decorate the door. Once decorated, you should swing the door open and close slightly avoiding the sudden opening and closing of the door. The door will look really beautiful when you fix a wreath on it.