How to Make Your Own Car Wash

How to Make Your Own Car Wash


With a great power, there comes a great responsibility and with a great vehicle, there comes a need for great maintenance. A car wash is the best way to keep your cars looks maintained with time as it is subjected to be exposed to corrosion, dirt and pollution when you drive it daily. A car needs a car wash even if you keep it parked at home as anything left unused will also get dirt deposited on it. Even most of the car service centers recommend you to go for a car wash when you get it for servicing and this takes a significant amount of money out of your pockets for getting it done. You can make a car wash at home saving this money being able to wash your car at home. Here are some tips which will help you to make a car wash for your car:-

How to Make Your Own Car Wash

How to Make Your Own Car Wash

1. Simply Water and Detergent:-

The best way to make a home based car wash is to use Petroleum based laundry detergent. Just take a significant amount of this detergent in a mug and mix it up with water. Whirl the solution to make the detergent get mixed properly and fill solution in a spraying bottle. You can use the same spray against any portion of your car to wash it.

2. Liquid Dish wash:-

The liquid dish wash that you bring in use to wash utensils in the kitchen can also be bought in use as a car wash. Just take a significant amount of it on your palm, rub both your palms against each other and apply this mixture on the surface of your car. Rinse it with water afterwards and your car will get perfectly cleaned.

3. Add Borax and Detergent:-

Borax ensures that soap residue isn’t left on the car’s surface and thus you can mix a significant amount of borax and detergent with water in order to use it as a home based car wash. You should keep in mind not to let water fall upon the corroded surface as else it can increase the damage further.

4. Alkali Free Hand washes Liquid:-

An alkali free hand wash liquid can be bought in use as a car wash if it is added with no phosphate and chlorine. Besides this, you should never use an agent with amount of acid added in it. Acid rich cleaning agents can make your car’s paint get corroded within no time and thus you should never bring such substitutes in use.

5. Wash it with Hair Conditioner Containing Lanolin:-

According to a web journal report, we can even use a hair conditioner with a content of lanolin to clean our vehicles and this includes the vehicles like car as well. Besides this, you can use a sponge and after wash polish to make your car shine like anything.

6. Car Glass Is Best Cleaned with Newspaper:-

The best approach to clean glass from inside and outside is to use a dry newspaper in order to clean it. Newspaper has the ability to soak moisture and thus it suits the best for cleaning glass of a car. The inner cleaning of car can be made with a vacuum cleaner or duster.


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