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How to Make Your Own Bling Ipod Case

How to Make Your Own Bling Ipod Case


A bling iPod case is one of the accessories that can be bought in use to cover your iPod besides making it look attractive enhancing its outer looks. There are many kinds of blind iPod cases available these days in the market for example, Insten Skull Diamond case, Insten pink /white heart bling case and many other such cases which look really appealing when you bring them in use with your iPod. These cases cost you in dollars and euros and thus one can feel a pain while taking out money from his pockets to purchase such cases. You can make one such case for yourself at home saving a significant amount of money from your pockets following the tips that we are mentioning here:-

How to Make Your Own Bling Ipod Case

How to Make Your Own Bling Ipod Case

1. Gather the Making Material:-

First of all we will gather the case making material. This can include stickers sized equal to your phone, a two side gluing tape, a cardboard sheet, two thin foam sheet of your phone’s size, a rexine cloth part sized double your phone’s size, a scissor, gum etc. You can even use a sewing machine to sew rexine with the cardboard is available.

2. Consider the Dimensions of Your Phone:-

Consider the dimensions of your phone and trim off two sheets of cardboard matching these specifications with the help of a scissor. Cut one foam sheet of the same length and trim your chosen sticker according to this specification only. Now use a sewing machine to sew rexine with one of these cardboards. This will be the back panel of your iPod’s cover.

3. Trim the Sheet of Cardboard According To Specific Size:-

Now take the other cardboard sheet and trim it along with the foam sheet a few millimeters less than the other sheet that we had taken earlier. Make a rectangular hole on surface of both foam as well as cardboard if you wish to keep some space left on the screen for watching time and date without removing phone from this case or else move with the other steps.

4. Join It Up With the Back Cover:-

Now here comes the time to join front cover with the back cover and this can be done with a two side gluing tape and sewing machine. Rexine can be draped over the rest of black surface except the topmost surface to give it a finishing touch.

5. Film up the Cardboard and Use Tempered Glass or Scratch Guard with Screen:-

You can film up the cardboard now either with the sticker or any other art form that you wish. You can keep it normal by just covering it with the rexine only or you can even make sparkly art on it with the help of multiple stars, sparkles and decorative items. Tempered glass suits the best to save screen of your phone from getting cracked in case it meets a fall.

6. Give It a Final Touch with Stickers or Art:-

A final touch includes you to use stickers or art forms like artificial stones and diamonds over the case to give it a real like feel. You can make any sorts of experiments with your cover or you can even intimate the style of a professionally made iPod cover as well.


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