How to Make Your Nostrils Look Bigger

How to Make Your Nostrils Look Bigger


There are two nostrils with every human’s nose. I always say that humans never satisfy with the looks that they get naturally and thus they keep on experimenting with it. One such way of experimenting with one’s looks is to look for the options which can make your nostrils look bigger. People with small nostrils or a flat nose often look for such approaches. In order to make your nostrils look longer, you can bring some facial exercises in use as else you can’t make this happen without a surgery. The ways in which one can make his nostrils look longer can be explained as follows:-

How to Make Your Nostrils Look Bigger

How to Make Your Nostrils Look Bigger

1. Facial exercises:-

There are some facial exercises which can really make your nostrils longer. For example, put your index finger on the side of your nose and then flex your nostrils outward while keeping your fingers fixed against the nostrils. There can be many other similar exercises of nose which enable you to expand your nostrils in a better way.

2. Go for a Plastic Surgery:-

Plastic surgery is an approach which is bought in use by even the celebrities. Those who are not satisfied with their facial details often go for a plastic surgery in order to transform their facial details and this you can also ask a plastic surgeon in your knowledge to adjust the bridge of your nose a little to make the nostrils look a little bit longer.

3. Squeeze Your Nose A Little Bit with Each Day:-

If you have a child with an undetailed nose, you should daily squeeze his nose with your fingers in order to give it a perfect shape. You can perform it with yourself as well if you see some effect. Just squeeze your nose a little bit with each day and you will surely report a significant change in the length or size of your nostrils.

4. Let It Be As It Is Even If you do not look good:-

We are never satisfied with our facial beauty but we are better as what we have got birth in this world. Those who love us or stay with us because of our facial beauty are never a true company but instead those who stay with us despite of knowing the fact that we do not look good are our true friends rather. Let your nose be as it is, even if you do not look good to adjudge this fact in your life.

5. Stick Your Fingers in Your Nostrils:-

Just stick your fingers inserting them to your nostrils and perform this job each day. Your nostrils will soon seem longer than the size that they had a few days back. In other cases, you can use make-up or meet your family doctor to ask him about the available options to elongate your nose. The use of medicinal injections to do this can sometimes prove to bring side effects and thus you should not adopt such measures.


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