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How To Make Your Nails Square Shaped

How To Make Your Nails Square Shaped


Women are always careful about their appearance and thus they keep on making multiple experiments with their outfit, their facial beauty, their hair and especially their nails. The beauty of your nails speaks a lot about you and it rather defines your personality as well. If you have long nails, you can easily give them a perfect square kind of shape and that too at home. No blade is required for doing this and instead you can perform this approach with the same nail cutter or nail filer. In order to give your nails a square kind of shape, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How To Make Your Nails Square Shaped

How To Make Your Nails Square Shaped

1. Prepare Your Nails and Confirm Your Decision:-

First of all, prepare your nails removing off the old nail polish from them with acetone dipped cotton and then confirm if you wish to turn them in square shape or not. If you love the shape of your nails that they are currently having, you can use artificial plastic square shaped nails gluing them on each of your fingers.

2.  Bring Home a Special Nail Filing Device:-

If you have confirmed the decision that you wish to go for a square shaped nail cut permanently, you will have to purchase a special nail filing device for this purpose. A “240 grit or finer file device” will suit the best for this purpose. Just reach a cosmetic shop and ask them to give you a square shaped nail filing or cutting device and they will hand it over to you.

3. Give Your Nails a Cut:-

Now, all you have to do is to trim and shape your nails with the trimming of filing device that you have bought home. This will give your nails a square kind of shape while trimming them and the rest can be achieved by shaping your nails using the back portion of this nail filing device.

4. Shape Them Up In A Square Shaped Way:-

When once you have trimmed your nails in the desired shape and size, you can shape them up by using the shaping plate of your nail file. You have to trim your nails with a nail cutter in such a manner that a significant length of your nails is left above the level of your finger and then you have to shape them up in a flat manner with your nail filer device giving them a flat and square kind of shape.

5. Application of Base Coat for Final Touch:-

Once you finish filing your nails, you can give them a base coat of nail polish to use nail art or nail sparkles/nail polish with them. Once made flat and square shaped, the nails tend to stay in same shape for a long period. You should keep shaping them with nail file device in between if they tend to lose their shape.


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