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How to Make Your Mother Happy

How to Make Your Mother Happy


Mothers are simply the best gift of God to a son. If you can’t keep a mother happy, you can’t do anything else in life as she has bearded nine tough months of keeping you in her womb bearing the pain of labor which is one of the toughest pains. Her body underwent a plethora of changes during this time and she was left disturbed both physically as well as emotionally in her ordeal to bring you in this world and thus it is the duty of a son/daughter to keep his/her mother happy. In order to keep your mother happy, you can use the following approaches:-

How to Make Your Mother Happy

How to Make Your Mother Happy

1. Touch Her Feet daily:-

Touch your mother’s feet daily before leaving home. Leave home only after taking her blessings and wishing her a good morning. If you are a grown up person, greet your mother with a cup of tea in your hands prepared for her when you greet her in the morning.

2. Don’t Just Pretend It But Do It in Real Senses:-

Don’t just pretend that you wish to make your mother happy but also do that in real senses. Follow her orders like the final order and show respect for her in every step of life. Ask for her advice in everything and every matter of life. Appreciate the way she brought you up and never forget to mention her name as the one who fortifies you in life.

3. Give Her Hugs and Flowers:-

Present your mother with hugs, cheek kisses and flowers. All these three things can make your mother feel really special. Greet her daily and have some time reserved to sit with your mother every day. Keep asking if she needs something and get her for regular health check-ups, treatments and dental care options.

4. Take her for an Outing:-

Treat your mother as your best friend and share simply everything with your mother. This can include even the news that you got committed with a girl. This will make her feel really special. Take your mother out for an outing, movie or a picnic and make her meet the girl of your choice. She will really feel special and enjoy this time with you both.

5. Take Her for Lunch and Make a Toast on Her Name:-

Take your mother out for a lunch and make a toast on her name. Just speak it in front of the public in similar way as I am speaking it “Ladies and gentlemen, meet my mother. She is the one who bought me up and made me stand on my legs. I love you mummy. You are the best mother in this world”.  Every mother feels special when her child makes a toast on her name.

6. Give Her Something That She Really Wished For:-

When you talk with your mother, you get a clue about many basic needs that she is suspected to have and thus in order to be a better son, you have to do nothing but to have an analysis of all those needs of your mother and to fulfill them. Just give your mother all she wishes for and she will feel like the happiest mother of this world.


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