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How to Make Your Mobile App Go Viral

how to make your mobile app go viral


An application is software which can be bought in use to access or offer a particular service to the users. For example, truecaller is an application which can make a person detect the name of an unknown caller with the help of a working internet connection. Similarly, Whatasapp and Facebook are social networking and chatting based applications. Software like Line, Hike, Hangouts, Shareit etc. are all applications and all of these are really viral as almost all of us use these applications. By making an application, we mean to make it popular amongst people. If you are also thinking to develop an application, you can make it go viral easily applying the following tips for its promotion:-

how to make your mobile app go viral

How to Make Your Mobile App Go Viral

1. Promote It on Facebook and Other Such Applications:-

An application is built on a particular website or idea. For example, Facebook built its website first and then it launched its application. Most of the applications are launched first as a website and then as an application. You can make an application following any available approach, but there are countless ways of its marketing and one such way is to promote it with the help of other applications like Facebook. Just make a Facebook page with the application’s name and share links and information related to your application on it.

2. Promote It on Google Ad Words:-

Google Ad words is an advertising service which offers advertisement facility on applications, websites and other such platforms. We can use this service to market our application making it go viral. Whenever we play videos on YouTube or Visit any website or blog, we see advertisements posted on them. We can also post our advertisements on such websites by contacting them and asking to post the advertisement of our application in exchange of money.

3. The Service That You Choose To Provide with it:-

The services that you choose to provide with your application also make it famous. For example, applications like Skype are famous because they provide quality video calls. Applications like Hot Star are famous because they provide better video streaming and TV programs viewing facility to the customers and thus the better facility you provide, the better get your chances of success with your application.

4. Marketing on Television:-

Applications like Hike and Line adopted television marketing as the way of promotion of their application. Applications like OLX and QUIKR even hire celebrities like comedian Kapil Sharma in order to promote their products. Applications liken HomeShop-18 are themselves a live channel and thus they keep on marketing for their application within the same channel.

5. Offer Money:-

Applications like MCent etc. have nothing in them except offers for recharge in exchange of friend referrals and application downloads from Google. Such applications attract your attention by giving you an option for free recharges in return of applications that you download with their application and also for referring their application to your friends. This acts like a kind of network marketing where you make a free marketing of their application in order to get some money in the form of recharge balance. You are actually working for their application while downloading applications with it stays active meanwhile and also promoting the same application. You just need a similar revolutionary idea to make your application go viral. Once you are able to attract attention of other people towards yourself, you can easily make your application go viral.  


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