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How to Make Your Legs Longer

How to Make Your Legs Longer


Humans never get satisfied with what they have got and one of such aspects is the length of their legs. The developmental modifications in humans result from both, natural as well as environmental factors and thus it is not possible for someone to control such traits in his body. Same is the case with the length of your legs. You cannot increase the length of your legs within a single go, but you can surely make some changes within your lifestyle to resemble a look that makes others have an idea that you have long legs. In order to make your legs look longer, you can bring the following steps in use:-

How to Make Your Legs Longer

How to Make Your Legs Longer

1. Wear High Heel Shoes:-

The best way to make your legs look longer is to wear shoes of desired heel length. Wearing high heel shoes can really make you look taller. Besides this, you can keep cotton under your toes while wearing these shoes if you feel discomfort while wearing them.

2. Wear Bell Bottoms:-

Bell bottoms may seem to be out of fashion for some people in today’s world, but I would like to tell such people that fashion keeps on changing from person to person and if you have a short length of legs, the best way to look taller is to wear bell bottom pants. This will make you look taller besides defining your fashion quotient.

3. Walk on Your Toes:-

Most of the women who are short enough walk on their toes to look longer. You can also use this approach while walking to make others think that your legs are long enough. This approach works only if the length of your pants in long enough to hide your feet under it.

4. Adopt Exercise like Running, Jogging and Sprinting:-

Till yet, we have only talked about how to make yourself look longer when you are actually not. Now I am going to tell you about the exercises which can bring about a significant rise in length of your legs and this includes exercises like running, jogging, jumping and sprinting. Sprinting rather elongates your bones and thus makes your legs gain more length.

5. Kicking and Cycling To Increase Length of Your Legs naturally:-

I was very short kind of boy till I passed sixth standard, but then someone advised me to try riding a bicycle. First my legs were not reaching the pedals properly but soon after just a few days, I became habitual of driving it and soon a significant rise of length was also observed with my legs. You can also adopt kicking based exercises or cycling in your schedule to increase the length of your legs.

6. Skipping Rope, hanging And Jumping:-

Skipping rope is one of the exercises which can be bought in use by both males as well as females. All you have to do in this exercise is to pick a rope in your hands and use it to jump with both legs raised at the same time and to land on the bottom of your feet parallel to the ground. It makes your leg bones longer and stronger and hence you gain a specific length of your legs.


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