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How to Make Your Heart Beat Slower

how to make your heart beat slower


If you have a great rate of heart beat i.e. more than normal, your risk of developing the problem of heart attacks is also more. When your heart beat goes more while resting, it is thus not good for you and you should seek for approaches to make your heart beat slower. Making your heart beat slower in such a time will not just makes you gain proper shape but it will rather also relieve you from stress and keep you away from the risk of heart attacks. In order to make your heart beat slower in such a time, you can bring the following tips in use:-

how to make your heart beat slower

How to Make Your Heart Beat Slower

1. Have deep breaths like we have while doing meditation:-

Begin by having deep breaths like we have while doing meditation. Practicing deep breathing this way can really help you in making your heart beat slower. Although it seems difficult to breathe this way, but we can still practice it to keep our heart beat slower. Just take a breath for about five seconds and then keep it held for another three seconds. Exhale slowly then for another 5 seconds and see the results.

2. Splash your face with ice cold water:-

Another working way here is to splash your face with cold water. Pour ice in a mug of water and keep it as it is for a while. The water will get ice cold and then you can splash up your face with it. This will stimulate dive reflex and your metabolism will get slowed down in turn making your heart beat slower.

3.  Exercise daily:-

Exercises if done daily can also help you in keeping your heart beat slow. Our heart rate changes while exercising and it has been proven in language of science as well. You can thus bring home a treadmill to work upon your heart beat exercising daily to control about the heart beat in desired manner. Adopt safer heart rate and talk with doctor in order to determine the extent of exercising if possible.

4. Sleep and urinate:-

Have proper sleep and go for frequent urination. Drink enough water daily and don’t sleep in a room prone to external voices. Disturbances while sleeping can also bring about a rise in your heartbeat. Besides this, never control yourself for urination and keep away from the habits like alcohol drinking as well.

5. The Valsalva maneuver or carotid maneuver:-

The Valsalva maneuver and carotid maneuver are the two maneuvers which can make you able to control about your heart beat in a desired way. Valsalva maneuver triggers the vagal nerve and controls about the heart beat while carotid maneuver does the same with the help of a massage done to carotid artery area.

6. Be Ready For  Immediate And Emergency Medical Assistance:-

In some of the cases this problem of high heart beat might also be the result of some prolonged heart disease and thus you should be ready for immediate and emergency medical assistance in such cases. If there is no sure shot such disease, usage of fish oil capsule or omega-3 rich products can also prove beneficial for us.


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