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6 Ways to Make Your Own Hanging Flower Baskets

How to Make Your Own Hanging Baskets


Hanging baskets are the gardening baskets used within houses to plant flowering plants and then to hang them in order to decorate the house. These don’t only just save the space, but also look creative and beautiful. With lush and colorful look of these baskets, you can decorate your home better than any other way and it rather keeps the environment full of happiness. In order to make one such hanging flower basket yourself, you don’t need to learn any rocket science, but instead you can easily make them at home with the help of some house plants and house products only. You can use the following tips to make your own hanging basket:-

How to Make Your Own Hanging Flower Baskets

How to Make Your Own Hanging Flower Baskets

1. Make Them with Straw and Sticks:-

The best way to make a basket is to use straw and sticks. Gather the pieces of straw and sticks to make a beautifully fledged basket from it and lay it with a layer of mud planting some flower plants in it. Use a thick wire to hang it and your flower basket will get ready this way.

2. Choose Small Plants:-

One should always choose small flowering plants for making a hanging basket. You can choose plants of flowers like rose, chamomile, marigold, sunflower etc. for this purpose. You can also plant a plant of basil or sweet neem/curry leaves etc. in order to serve as a medicinal or kitchen hanging basket.

3. Use String for Hanging:-

We can use a string/thread or wire or thin strips of metal for making the hanging support for our basket.
We can use iron nails to fix it up with the basket and we can paint the basket if it has been made up by molding plastic or with tin or some similar material.

4. Use Bucket If Basket is not available:-

If you don’t know how to make a basket, we can use any old plastic bucket of water or any old vegetable basket to make our hanging flower basket. It is better if we purchase evergreen flowering plants. We can also use small plastic containers or a half broken earthen pot for this purpose after shaping it in a desired way.

5. Use Dead Branches of Trees to Make Your Basket:-

Here I am teaching you how to make a basket for your hanging flower basket. Gather thin and dead branches of a tree first of all. Now use these branches in such a way like we follow while making wire gauze. Make a web or gauze like structure with these branches and give it a curve while making. Your basket will be ready this way and we can use it after attaching a hanging wire or thread to make it hang after planting flower plant in it.

6. Cover up Any Container with Wool to Give It a Basket like Feel:-

Recently I visited a relative’s house and he had made really awesome hanging baskets with the help of wool.  I asked the way of making from him and I am sharing it with you. First of all we take any empty container like a half cut bucket or any other plastic container and then we weave a woolen cover for it. The container does not look like an ordinary container anymore. Now we weave its cover in such a way that we don’t need any external hanging wire in order to hang it as the same woolen stripes are weaves with its cover to make it hung. We add it with mud afterwards and plant the desired plant in it. The hanging flower basket gets ready this way.


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