How to Make Your Hair Less Oily Fast

How to Make Your Hair Less Oily Faster


Greasy and oily hair is something that you never appreciate. Often, such hair gets so sticky that you can’t manage to set them perfectly. You can’t take risk making such hair wet as else it would be an invitation to dandruff problem and you can’t even depend on sticky hair as such as it will leave your hair spoiled. The best way to make your hair less greasy and less sticky is to prevent them from sticking and from becoming greasy by using less wet approaches. This includes the usage of dry shampoo, conditioner, straightening, brushing etc. If you have got greasy or oily hair, you can easily treat them with the help of following tips:-

How to Make Your Hair Less Oily Faster

How to Make Your Hair Less Oily Fast

1. Use Conditioner over Your Hair:-

The best way to make your hair less oily is to condition them with a good conditioner. Once you apply a conditioner on your hair it acts as a kind of oil and water resistant shield for your hair. It makes them feel less oily and you can get your comb through them in a very smooth manner.

2. Brushing And Straightening:-

Most of the girls/women who use comb with bristles having a very less amount of gap between them complain about hair fall when they use their comb to comb their greasy hair. In order to avoid hair fall problem besides making your hair less oily, you can shift to a hair brush with wide bristles. It is better if the brush is an electronic one. You can even bring a hair straightener in use for the same purpose.

3. Wash out your hair and give them an air blow:-

Simply giving a shampoo wash to your hair and then giving them a blow of hair dryer can be the best available option if your hair are too much oily. You can even use dry shampoo if available or you can use a clarifying shampoo to make sure that there is no build-up in hair weighing it down.

4. Distribute it evenly through the scalp:-

If you were trying to massage your hair with oil taking it over your palm and accidentally an extra amount of it fell on a particular area of your head, the best way to make your hair less oily in such a time is to distribute this oil through your hair and scalp evenly by massaging each and every hair from tip to roots and also massaging the scalp.

5. Prevent usage of hair gels or mousses:-

There is a problem with some people and it is that they never brush their hair. They just apply some hair gel on their hair and shape them up with the fingers of their hands. Your hair look really greasy and oily in such a case and they attract every sort of dirt present round them. In such a case you should either change your hair gel to a less oily substitute or you can completely stop applying it, replacing it with a less oily hair oil like that of Dabur Amla.


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