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How do you make your Hair Colour Last Longer

How Do U Make Hair Color Last Longer


Often our hairs start getting white after passing a certain period of age. We look really old with this sign of hair color change and thus we have to look for preventive measures in order to prevent our hair from changing their natural color and for this purpose we use a hair dye. In other cases, we use a hair dye to color our hair for some party in order to look representable and to define our style with a new hair style and color, but in some cases; this hair color stays temporary and gets removed after some time of application. In order to make the hair dye last even longer, we can adopt these simple steps to our lifestyle:-

How do you make your Hair Colour Last Longer

How do you make your Hair Colour Last Longer

1. Moisturize Your Hair:-

According to a famous hair color expert, if your hair color is not rich in Ammonia, it is always good for your hair. You can manage to keep your hair moisturized in order to keep the hair color stay on them for a longer period of time. It also depends on the quality of hair dye you use for your hair to some extent as well.

2. Use Filtered Water for Bathing:-

It has also been observed that people who are habitual of taking showers with blonde hair experience smudge and sedimentation effect in their hair, which makes the dye effect last only for a short period of time. You can use filter purified water for washing your hair in order to make the dye effect stay on your hair for a longer period of time.

3. Do Not Bath Yourself in Hot Water:-

The people who take bath in hot water are also likely to use hair color much frequently. Hot water acts like a kind of dye color removal approach and thus you should wash your hair in cold water only. The hair color, thus stays for a longer period of time and you get sorted against hair color loss problem.

4. Use Henna for Coloring Instead:-

The chemical based hair dye products are often a hazard to your hair and they never change the color of your hair roots, but instead serve to be a kind of paint for your hair which falls after some time or gets removed with multiple washes. You can use henna instead of hair dye to give natural color to your hair. Make henna mixture in some iron vessel and keep it for some time. Use this henna mixture on your hair every week to impart natural color to them.

5. Follow Proper Application Approach:-

A perfect hair dying approach always begins with a brush of perfect kind. The bristles of your brush should be compact, straight and thick enough to reach the lowest portion of your head while applying the color mixture. Take your time to apply the hair color on your hair and make it reach each and every part of your hair. If you follow the perfect approach of application, the hair color will surely last for a longer period of time.


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