How To Make Your Eyes Look Lighter Without Makeup

How To Make Your Eyes Look Lighter Without Makeup


When we talk about having lighter eyes, the first thing coming to one’s mind will be a touch up with make-up. The shades like light pink color, green color, light golden shade etc. can really make your eyes look lighter, but when we talk about making your eyes feel lighter without even putting on any shade of make-up, this might leave you puzzled. Well, if you think that it is impossible, here we are to make it possible for you. In order to make your eyes look lighter without even putting on any make up, you can bring in use the following tips:-

How To Make Your Eyes Look Lighter Without Makeup

How To Make Your Eyes Look Lighter

1. Use Contact Lenses:-

The best way to make your eyes look lighter is to use contact lenses. Some people are of a view that contact lenses are just for those people who have impairments with their vision, but rather I would like to remind you that there are colorful artificial contact lenses available in the market which can be bought in use even by people who have no defect with their eyes and who just wish to change the color of their eyes by using such lenses.

2. Adopt Changes in Lifestyle:-

Besides this, you can also bring about a significant change with the tone of your eyes by avoiding junk food, drinking plenty of water, taking enough Vitamin-C, avoiding caffeine etc. Such contents if consumed don’t just make your eyes look lighter without make-up, but rather they even prevent the signs of ageing as well.

3. Use sunglasses which make your eyes feel light:-

Optical stores these days have a variety of sunglasses and sun shades available in their stores at really cheap and affordable prices. You can also choose one such pair of sunglasses for yourself which makes your eyes feel lighter when you use it by wearing it with your eyes.

4. Go for an Eye Liner:-

Eye-liner is never considered as a make-up and instead it is considered to be an essential of touch-up. Make-up refers to the way we use colorful cosmetics and brushes in order to bring about a change in skin tone, but when we instead choose an eye liner, the motive is just to make the eyes shaped up besides making them feel lighter.

5. Make-Up in Lighter Shades Is Never A Bad Option:-

Though we are not considering make-up options in order to make eyes lighter as eyes are a vital organ of the body, but according to a famous make-up and looks expert, even make-up can be a great option for making your eyes feel lighter if you use it in lighter and un-noticeable shades in a proper manner.

6. Never Skip Your Sleep:-

Besides all above mentioned approaches, the quality of sleep that you get can also make your eyes feel lighter or heavier. If you stay awake for long during night chatting with your boyfriend who does not lets you sleep before midnight and then you have to wake-up early in the morning, your eyes are but obvious to look heavier and thus you should take proper and complete sleep in order to make your eyes look lighter.


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