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How to Clean Up and Make Your Computer Run Faster

How To Make Your Computer Faster For Free


After all, a computer is just an electronic device and every device needs maintenance. If we fail to take care of our computer, it will keep on getting slow with each coming day like any other machine and thus we will have to spend money in rectifying it to make it start functioning faster. Most of the computer service centers and cyber repair centers charge you a huge amount of money in order to service your system and even if you look for home based speed increasing tips online, it asks you to complete several tasks which again consumes a lot of time as well as money in the form of data. In order to make your computer faster without any download and that too for free, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How to Clean Up and Make Your Computer Run Faster

How to Clean Up and Make Your Computer Run Faster

1. If You Have A Spare Windows CD:-

Most of us keep a spare windows CD or DVD with ourselves in order to install windows again if it gets corrupt. If you have one such booted windows-CD, just go for an install by formatting the previous version of windows after taking a system back-up and all the junk inside your system will get formatted itself leaving your computer faster than before.

2. Clean up the Not-Needed Files:-

Inspect each and every drive of your system and delete the not needed files along with the junk of cache and cookies along with browser based passwords and history. Also end the processes and applications running in background, pressing “Control key” + “Alt Key” and “Delete key” all the three at the same time. This will open task manager with the help of which you can easily kill tasks running in background.

3. Uninstall the Junk Applications:-

With regular usage of internet on your device, some unwanted applications also get installed most of which are malware. Reach control panel section of your computer in order to uninstall junk applications from it along with every other unwanted application that you no longer need in your computer and it will bring about a boost to your computer’s speed.

4. Run a Disk Clean-Up:-

If you have disk cleaner installed in your system, you can even use it to clean your system removing all the junk that it carries. In some cases removing the download history as well as unused files can also bring about the desired benefits in terms of speed.

How To Make Your Computer Faster For Free

5. Take the Help of “Run” Feature:-

Click “Window Key” + “R Key” together at the same time and Run window will get opened on screen. Enter keywords like “Temp”, “%Temp%”, “prefetch” in it one by one and clean all the temporary files stored in it.  At last open the run window again and enter “tree” as a keyword this time. Clean the recycle bin afterwards deleting everything that it contains and your computer will get faster like this.

6. Increase RAM:-

Increasing RAM proves to be the best option of increasing your computer’s speed if it is slow in processing speed. I know it will cost you 300-400 rupees for a RAM chip of 1GB but it is negligible in front of the speed that you will get by increasing your computer’s RAM. If you don’t wish to spend this money, you can use a pen drive or memory card of your phone as a virtual RAM in order to boost your computer’s speed.


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