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How to Make Your Car Shine At Home

How to Make Your Car Shine At Home


Most of us have cars in their house as we always prefer to travel through personal vehicles. A personal vehicle not just saves time, but it also serves to be a smart way of traveling. With regular usage, a car is equally likely to get dirty as we get when we do not bath for several days. In order to make the car as good as new once again, we have to give it a wash and this is the same time when we can make our car shine like anything by applying a few approaches to it. In order to make your car shine, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Make Your Car Shine At Home

How to Make Your Car Shine At Home

1. Dusting of Carpets:-

Approximately all of us keep mats of mini carpets laid in our cars. These prevent the floor of car from coming in contact with the mud that gets detached from our shoes as these mats soak or grab all the dirt that our shoes are containing, but as the dirt is still within the same car, we can begin with dusting of these carpets or car mats as an initial approach of car cleaning.

2. Vacuum Cleaning of Under Seats:-

Most of us have the habit to adjust the car’s seat while sitting in a car and thus the under portion of a car is very much likely to have some dirt deposited on it. In order to get rid of this dirt or dust, you can go for the vacuum cleaning of your car’s under seat portion. These days battery operated vacuum cleaner are available in market which can be plugged in within the same car to clean it.

3. Use Cleaning Spray with the Dashboard:-

You can purchase a car cleaning spray and polish from a car accessories shop to clean the car’s dashboard daily. Approximately all of us are habitual of boozing and partying while moving in our cars towards a particular destination and this spoils the beauty of a car’s dashboard with stains. You can clean such stains with a cleaning spray so as to make the dashboard shine like anything.

4. Newspaper cleaning of the Car Mirror:-

Newspaper cleaning suits the best for glass fixed on your car. If your car’s wipers have a water spray gun and soap solution spray gun attached to it, you can switch them on even when you have not planned to clean the entire car in order to clean the car’s front view glass.

5. Give Car a Wash:-

Now, when the car has got physically cleaned, we can close its windows to give it water wash. Mix some quality detergent with water and give the car a water wash removing dirt and mud from car’s rims and under portion.

6. Use Car Polish on the Top Surface:-

After washing the car, you can apply an after wash polish on your car and leave the car as it is for some time to let it get dried. Once the polish gets dried on car’s surface, you can wipe it off with a clean and dry cloth. When the polish gets wiped off, your car will start shining like anything.


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