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How to Make your Baby’s First Christmas Special

How to Make Christmas with Your Baby


Christmas Eve comes every year on 25th of December and we address this day as the longest day of the year. If a newly born baby has arrived in your house recently, this Christmas will be something more than special for you and thus you might be thinking about special arrangement plans available with yourself for this purpose. In order to make this day a memory worth lifetime, you can make some special arrangements to celebrate this day with your baby and here are some special ideas for it.

How to Make your Baby's First Christmas Special

How to Make your Baby’s First Christmas Special

1. Plan a Photo-Session:-

If it is your baby’s first Christmas, one can easily guess the reason for your excitement. The best way to celebrate this first Christmas with your baby is to plan a photo-shoot session for your baby. Simply pose with your baby making countless Selfie poses and capture those moments on camera as a memory to be shared for a lifetime. You can even hire a professional photographer for this purpose, to make each and every member of the family come inside the photographs taken or captured.

2. Make Your Baby, a Baby Santa:-

There are countless baby skin friendly Santa costumes available in the marts and markets near Christmas. You can also purchase one such baby Santa costume for your baby in order to make this Christmas memorable for him. If you are good in tailoring, you can stitch one such suit for your baby yourself as well.

3. Donate Something on Your Baby’s Name:-

Christmas is all about spreading the essence of happiness and thus you can plan a donation from your side on the name of your baby. Simply take your baby in your arms and move to the nearest orphanage or old aged home or beggar’s spot to donate something like old clothes, food items or money etc. to them. Your baby will really be happy to know about this habit of yours when he grows old.

4. Use Potted Tree Instead Of Artificial Tree:-

We generally plant an artificial tree on Christmas which goes wasted after the eve ends, but if we plant a real tree every Christmas in our kitchen garden and use it as a Christmas tree, it would be really a great idea. You can plant a new tree on every Christmas that you celebrate with your baby.

5. Engage With A Family Video:-

Ask all the members to stand together along with the baby taken in your arms and pose for a family video dancing and celebrating together to celebrate Christmas. This will really serve as an excellent memory for your baby when he grows old.

6. Decorate the Baby’s Room:-

You can plan a decoration for your baby’s room this Christmas first and then you yourself can Become Santa to Surprise Your Baby with big –white mustache and beard and with a red bag full of gifts for your baby from Santa’s side. This will enhance the spirit of Christmas in your baby since the very childhood initial days of his life.


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