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How To Make X-Max Ornaments Out of Paper

How To Make X-Max Ornaments Out of Paper


X-Max ornaments can be best made out of colorful papers and items of crafts. Origami or the art of paper folding can be bought in use for this purpose. Just fold the paper in desired manner and design customized ornaments of desired pattern and shape with it.  Origami once used to be a part of Japanese tradition, but today every nation uses this art and it is even taught separately as a subject. In order to make your X-max ornaments with the same paper folding technique, you can take the help of following steps:-

How To Make X-Max Ornaments Out of Paper

How To Make X-Max Ornaments Out of Paper

1. Bring In The Raw Materials:-

In order to make your own ornaments for X-max with paper, you will need items like colored paper sheets, fevicol (Gum), scissor, blade, small glass pieces, pipes, piece of thread, water colors or amply every other creative ingredient/material around you which can be bought in use to add effectiveness or details to your X-max ornaments.

2. Make paper stars:-

Now we will first make paper stars. You can hang them up from the christmas tree with help of either a wire or piece of thread. Just draw the pattern of a star on colored paper and cut it out with the help of scissor. Cut several similar stars with several colors or cut them all within one silver paper. Now you can stick these paper stars on a thin cardboard sheet cut within the same shape of star. Pasting a piece of thread at its back portion for hanging it on the tree.

3. Pattern Lace And Paper Teddy:-

Draw pattern on a piece of paper attached with a lace while folding it up and then cut the same piece of paper with scissor in the same folded manner. When you will open that piece of paper, the same pattern will be found with every fold of that paper. You can even make a paper girl or a paper teddy by giving multiple folds to a piece of paper and then drawing the shape of a girl or teddy on it to cut it in the desired shape to obtain several teddies or girls joined hand to hand.

4. Paper Flower:-

You can also design paper flowers with the help of a metal string designing leaves of a particular flower on colored papers and then taking a cutting of those leaves to use them with the same string to represent a real life flower. You can draw several kinds of flowers according to the shape and structure of their leaves this way.

5. Hearts of Paper:-

Paste colored papers on thin sheets of cardboard and then draw heart shape on either sides taking a cutting of that piece of cardboard glued with colored paper. Now you can obtain several similar hearts in order to fix them with your christmas tree or you can also switch to the shape of candles or candies to fix them on your christmas tree.

6. Paper Balloon:-

Take a large balloon and inflate it with help of your mouth. Now apply a thick layer of PDA glue over it and then apply small pieces of crushed crumbs of newspaper over it in small portions like you do while making a collage. Position this layer on the entire ballon leaving just the area of its mouth in a cicular form. This circular area should be left one inch from the mouth of balloon.

Now let the balloon get dried and then paint the paper in white color. Use pin to burst the balloon and you will be left with an oval structure of paper on which you can design funny eyes, nose and lips with your paint brushes to give it a humpty dumpty of cartoon like feel. You can also use small balloons if your x-max tree is of small size.


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