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How to Make Words into Shapes

How to Make Words into Shapes


When we are doing word processing for any particular document, picture or presentation or when we are designing a poster or pamphlet in our computer system, we need to develop words into shapes giving them perfect orientation, shape, size, texture and look. In order to make changes with the dimensions and looks of a particular name or word written over the screen, options like word art can be bought into use. Here I am mentioning a working way of developing such pattern of words in shapes for you. Hope you will like it.

How to Make Words into Shapes

How to Make Words into Shapes

1. Use Word art Option in Microsoft Office:-

In Microsoft Office suite, there is an option for WordArt using which you can easily make modifications with the shape of words. This option does not just only enables you to create words in shapes but also enables you to make changes with their orientation, shadow and even the other options like color, word wrapping etc.

2. Design It In Any Other Such Picture Developing Software:-

The other such picture developing software’s like Tagxedo etc. can also make it possible for you to write a word on a blank worksheet and then to make changes with its shape, structure etc turning your words into shapes in a desired manner.

3. Make It in Microsoft Word and Then Convert It to JPEG:-

You can do this even while using the Microsoft Word word-processing software. Reaching the insert menu option, you will find an option for word art clicking which you will get a small window on screen asking you “Enter your text here” the text that you enter in that screen can be modified any way you wish changing its shape, color, texture, orientation, shadow etc. choosing from a wide range of shapes and sizes available within the same option. Once you make your words converted in shapes using MS-word, you can save the document to convert it online into JPEG or JPG format and then you can use that image file anywhere you wish.

4. Use Online Picture Developing Tools:-

There can also be many picture developing online tools and cover page editors available with various picture editing websites which can be bought in use to make changes with the shape, size and orientation of words or else if you are using Windows-7 or any other such window version with print screen facility, just make changes with words in wordart and then take a print of that screen to cop it later in paint and to use it any way that you wish.

5. Add It with the Help of A Link:-

You can even add link of a particular edited picture with words of desired specifications shaped up in it to your blog/website etc.  If you know about the website where that picture is located. By posting the link of that picture on any website, say facebook, blogger etc, you won’ see the link but instead the picture will get displayed in its place.


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