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How to Make Wooden Saddle Racks

How to Make Wooden Saddle Racks


wooden saddle rack is a rack made of wood which is mostly bought in use as an alternative to metal racks available in stores these days. Wood is available all around us in plenty and we never even have to pay for it if we have a tree in our house. Even if we have to purchase wood, it still proves to be cheaper than iron or metal and thus building or making a wooden saddle rack at home instead of purchasing a metal rack is always a better option. If you also agree with my point, here is the time to make your own wooden saddle rack and if you are confused how to make it, the following tips will help you.

How to Make Wooden Saddle Racks

How to Make Wooden Saddle Racks

1. Measure the length of saddle:-

Begin by cutting two boards of the same length to make the top of saddle. We will position them in the same way as we make the structure of a hut while drawing. This will be in a triangular manner with just the base missing. Instead of base, here we will position two boards of equal heights positioning boards within them to divide the rack into different sections.

2. Give them a 30 degree cut:-

The two boards that I advised you to cut from the piece of plywood or board should be cut in such a manner that there is a 30 degree angle made to one end so as to make the saddle able to rest comfortably. Each board should be able to match up with the other comfortably. One should be kept somewhat shorter (Exactly the same as thickness of board) than the other so as to fit the hut structure properly.

3.  Shape up your saddle from the top:-

Now once you have shaped up the top structure of your saddle, you can shape it up in order to position two more sheets lengthwise of the same length with this saddle in a parallel way. Once you position these sheets, make a mark within equal gap to divide these sheets into equal sections. We will make cuts at these specific marks to position board of desired length in between to create different sections of this rack.

4. Keep positioning boards in between to make sections in the rack:-

Keep positioning boards in between at the place of your mark to make sections in the rack and then position the last sheet of board at the base of your rack. Now all we are left with is to use iron nails and metal strips to make the joints proper and then we can use sand paper to wipe off the extra debris from surface of your rack.

5. Position Sun Mica Sheet on the Top Surface and Paint the Rack:-

It is up to you if you paint the entire saddle rack or if you use a sun mica sheet on the surface of your saddle rack to give it a proper finish. You can use polish on the other boundaries as a finishing touch to your saddle rack and then you can keep it open to let it get dried. Once the rack gets dried, you can use it to place anything you wish.


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