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How to Make Wooden Pickup Bobbins

How to Make Wooden Pickup Bobbins


If you are a guitarist, you must be aware about what a bobbin is. You always need a pickup to start tutoring a guitar. When you purchase pickup bobbins from the market, it takes a significant amount of money out of your pockets to purchase such stuff, but if you make a mastery in process of making these bobbins at home, you can save this money and rather you can even own a business of your own by making pickup bobbins with perfect color, output, smoothness and clarity. In order to make wooden pickup bobbins, the following tips can be bought in use:-

How to Make Wooden Pickup Bobbins

How to Make Wooden Pickup Bobbins

1. Just Draw a Pattern and Follow the Approach:-

First of all, draw the pattern of bobbin. You have to follow the same pattern in order to make the physical bobbin structure from wood. You will also need other essentials such as copper wire, steelĀ  machine screws, magnet, thin pieces of wood, wax, wire, superglue and tools needed to bring about the carving of wood and to fix the other things. Just draw pattern for your bobbin and then follow the same with piece of wood that you have. Getting inspiration from an old bobbin is always a good idea.

2. Transfer This Pattern to Your Chosen Wood:-

Take the piece of your chosen wood and make the same pattern with it. Cut your bobbin pieces with the same wood and drill holes in it. Keep distance between each of these drills the same as what you have with your guitar say 1cm. Mark two holes also at the bottom of your bobbin in order to be able to wrap the starting and ending point of copper wire when winding.

3. Make Drilling:-

Keep the drills a little bit shallow and when once they are made, screw the machine screws into top piece of bobbin. Once you drill the bobbin and fix the machine screws, it gets ready to be assembled for final touch after rigging it up.

4. Rig it up:-

Here comes the time to rig up your bobbin. Rig up the bobbin by your hands or any rigging tool. We have to make windings on pickup now. Pickups are winded with a special copper wire which is very thin. Wrap a few inches of copper wire around and through the left hand hole present on the base part of bobbin and wrap the wire around in such a way that at least ten to fifteen rounds are made.

5. Never Let the Wire Break:-

If somewhere you find that the copper wire has got broken, you will have to remove back the entire wire and you will have to continue the winding process back once again. Handle the wire in a proper way so as to avoid it from getting broken.

6. Make It With A Non-Conductive Material:-

While making a bobbin, it is ok if you use a material other than wood such as plastic but the material should be very much non conductive as else eddy currents can get induced into it by moving magnetic lines of force making an effect on the sound and as guitars are just all about the sound, you should take care of this.


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