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5 Ways to Make Wood Look Like Barn Wood

How to Make Wood Look like Barn Wood


Barn wood is one of the most preferred and durable kind of woods that people choose for various purposes. One of the best features of this wood is its varied shades, tight grain pattern and durability. Weathering, ageing and other such factors make barn wood the best suiting wood in place of new and not dried wood. If you have an ordinary new piece of wood with yourself, you can easily get it converted to barn wood giving it the typical grainy barn wood features. In order to make your wood look like barn wood, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How to Make Wood Look like Barn Wood

How to Make Wood Look Like Barn Wood

1. Cover up the wood with a layer of vinegar:-

The best way for ageing new wood faster than natural ageing process is to cover it up with a layer of vinegar. This can be apple cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar. Just get it and use it to layer the wood with it. The wood will soon get aged like this. Just soak a piece of wood into vinegar and wipe off the piece of wood with it. This will give new wood the texture like that of an old and aged barn wood. Ironed vinegar will suit the best in such cases.

2. Age the new wood:-

Use any approach you find but it should be the one which makes the wood age and which makes it age faster. Ironed vinegar paint is also bought in use instead of actual vinegar in some cases and some people also use red wine in place of vinegar to age the wood. Aged wood resembles barn wood the most and this is why we are advising you to age the wood in order to make it look like barn wood.

3. Get the wood stained:-

Application of Gray or brown stain on the structure of wood also can make it resemble barn wood. Sometimes a touch of black and white acrylics can also be bought into use. When we talk about making a new wood resemble barn wood, we can apply any creative approaches to make the new wood resemble barn in structure and texture.

4. Use Tea to age the wood:-

Another way in which people age new wood is use of “Tea” to make it look aged. Black tea suits the best in such cases. It has a content of tannins and this serves to be the same content which helps in the process of ageing. Black tea rather is not too much expensive and thus it can be bought in use without making compromise on money. Painting the wood with stains of matching colors is always a better and cost efficient idea.

5. Sanding of the wood:-

Though sanding of wood is not mandatory in all the cases but it can make new wood resemble barn wood as sanded wood looks more close to aged. Sanded wood better soaks tea and vinegar and thus sanding will prove to help us a lot in this direction.


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