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How to Make Wood Glue Stronger

How to Make Wood Glue Stronger


Wood glue is glue used for gluing wood. When you have to fix a sun mica sheet on a table or when you have to make any piece of furniture, we first layer its surface with a layer of glue and then only we fix it with iron nails to give it a perfect bond. Sometimes this glue only is not enough for the repair of your furniture and when you simply rely on the glue itself, the weight of other components will make the bond detach soon. In order to make the glue stronger in such cases, it is always better to make your glue even stronger with the help of tips that we are mentioning here:-

How to Make Wood Glue Stronger

How to Make Wood Glue Stronger

1. Proper Clamping:-

Proper clamping of the wooden pieces is essential to ensure a strong bond. You can require multiple clamps and shims in order to keep furniture glue stick properly as these apply about a significant amount of force to the wooden furniture carrying the glue and thus two parts do not get detached from each other when a clamp is bought in use.

2. Use Products like Araldite Instead:-

Araldite is a product similar to glue. It is a strong kind of adhesive which consists of two tubes. One of these contains the gum and other contains the resin. When we mix both these to form the gum mixture applying it on a particular surface, it has more strength than any other gum bond and wooden pieces fixed with araldite are less prone to be detached than the ones glues with other such glues.

3. Use a Mixture of Glue and Saw Dust:-

We talked to a carpenter in our area about this and he came up with an advice that we can mix glue and sawdust to make it set well on any wooden surface. This is done mostly when we have a damaged joint in order to fill the gap properly. Gap filling properties of sawdust mixed with glue is better than any other kind of the glue mixture.

4. Use Resin:-

While using the gum mixed with resin in case of araldite, an idea striked my mind that if we mix resin in any glue, it will surely get stronger than the one we generally bring in use with wood. I researched on this topic and talked with many chemistry professors about it. They also came up with the same opinion and told me about the names of other substitutes like phenol formaldehyde resin, polyurethane glue etc. which can be bought in use to add strength to normal wood glue.

5. Simply Any Glue If You Are Using Iron Nails:-

According to our carpenter Mark, any wood will bear pressure if we apply glue to stick it and then fix the surface temporarily with some iron nails in a temporary manner. These iron nails will prevent one surface from getting detached with the other till glue gets dried and thus we will get perfectly joined surfaces like this.

6. Abstain from Mixing Water:-

Always use glue like what it is meant to be used and never make hazardous experiments mixing water with any glue. If water mixed glue can stick paper does not means it will stick wood as well. You can use a quality 2-part epoxy glue or crazy glue or super glue for small repairs while you can use Casein glue for fixing strong and robust joints.


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