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How to Make Windows Media Player Default in Windows 8.1

How to Make Windows Media Player Default in Windows-8.1


Windows-8 is a personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft, which serves to be a part of Windows-NT family of operating systems. This version of windows included a tile based interface where everything was organized in the form of titles within the operating system. Windows media player on the other hand is a media player and media library from Microsoft which comes pre-installed with every window version package.

This media player can be bought in use to play audio, video and even to connect live TV with the system. When you have multiple media players like VLC etc. installed in your system, there comes a need to set a default media player and if you wish to do so with Windows-8 making windows media player as your default media player, the following steps can be bought into use:-

 How to Make Windows Media Player Default in Windows-8.1

How to Make Windows Media Player Default in Windows 8.1

1. Type Default in the Start Screen:-

Reach the start screen and type “Default” in it to find a default program location. Now click default programs when it appears on the left portion of your screen to reach that destination. If you have already been switched to desktop mode, you can directly move to control panel like we do in windows-7 to find an option for making changes with the programs saved and installed in computer.

2. Click Programs Option:-

Now click the “Programs” option in order to set your default programs and to customize the default program settings your way. When you click “Set our default programs” option, the computer may take a few seconds to generate the list and thus you should not make haste.

3. Scroll to Make Changes to Default Settings:-

Scroll the screen to look for the name of program that you wish to make changes with. When you click “Change default settings” option, you will be displayed with a list of options to choose from within a certain category. For example, for the programs associated with an audio CD or DVD, you will get the names of programs like VLC and windows media player etc. out of which you can click any one that you wish to set as default program.

4. Choose Specific Application for Specific Output:-

You get two choices in this section. One is to choose a default program for the entire applications present within a device and other is to customize the choice choosing different applications for different purposes. For example, if you wish to use Windows media player for listening to songs, but if you wish to use VLC media player for watching movies, you can customize the settings in order to make such changes to the settings. When you end up making changes with the default program settings, just click the OK button to move ahead.

5. Click the “Open With” Option Instead:-

Instead of using the above approaches, you can even use a simple approach directly. Just open any file/folder on your device and left click on its name to look for the available options. Now click “Open with” option to look for the available players and software’s. Now click “open with <a particular media player’s name> in order to open that file with that software of media player and you will get sorted.


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