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How to Make White Socks Pink

How to Make White Socks Pink


Girls really like pink and even if you are a boy, pink color is a nice choice. In order to make your white socks turn into pink color, the best way is to use dye of pink color with them. Pink is a mixture of white shade with the red shade when we make it in drawing. You can get a readymade pink color dye powder in order to dye your socks with it. You can use a color fix chemical afterwards to prevent the color from getting removed with washes. In order to make your white socks turn to pink socks with the approach of dying, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Make White Socks Pink

How to Make White Socks Pink

1. Stir the dye solution:-

Fill in a large pot of water with 3 gallons of water if you are using socks in a large amount. If you are dying a single pair of socks, you can use water in a saucepan mixing up 2 tablespoons of pink color dye in it. Heat water on stove with dye in it. Stir in the solution with a big wooden spoon. Once the dye gets mixed perfectly with water, you can dip white socks in it.

2. Heat the Solution perfectly:-

The solution should be heated perfectly before dipping socks in it. Add enough dye powder so as to soak the entire socks area in it. Once the socks get dipped perfectly, start whirling these socks inside the container with the help of same wooden spoon. Take the socks out now and watch out if the color has been added or not.

3. Place the White Socks in it again:-

Add some more dye powder and place the socks again in it if you find your socks to be less dyed. Keep whirling the socks inside dye rich water till they do not get dyed perfectly. You can keep the shade of dye light to dark depending on your color preference for shade of pink.

4. Keep the Socks Soaked For a While:-

Keep the socks soaked for a while. You can soak the socks till ten to fifteen minutes. Keeping your socks soaked in the dye solution will make them perfectly dyed with pink color. Add color fix chemical to dye solution to make the color settle perfectly on your socks.

5. Use Gloves As a Protective Measure:-

Dye color can be very much tough sometimes. The stains of dye are very tough to go off and these take time to be washed away. Use gloves while dealing with the dye solution to prevent your hands from coming in contact with the dye mixture. Prevent water solution of dye from falling over your clothes as else it can stain them as well.

6. Drain the Water and Dry the Socks:-

Here comes the time to take the socks out and add them to clean water. Squeeze the socks again and again in this clean water and then drain it off to take the socks out. Make the socks dried out by spreading them under the sun for ten to fifteen minutes and then again take them out from clean water. Your socks will be pink in color now and you can use them daily.


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