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How to Make Waves in Straight Hair

How to Make Waves in Straight Hair


Wavy hair is a good alternative to straight hair if you wish to work upon them. If you have thick and straight hair, you can easily turn them up to a wavy look by changing your hair texture. In order to make your hair straight and wavy, you can use several approaches and one of these is to make pony tails. The best way to get it done is to reach a beauty parlor, but beauty parlor charges you with money and sometimes beauty parlor bills are extra heavy to bear. In order to make waves in straight hair at home, the following approaches can be followed:-

How to Make Waves in Straight Hair

How to Make Waves in Straight Hair

1. Use a curling wand:-

You can use a curling wand or curling iron to make your hair curled.  Just curl and flip your hair making them curled in order to make them wavy.  Never pull fingers through hair to avoid flattening the curls.
Curling the hair proves to be one of the best approaches to make your hair curled and wavy. You can purchase these curling equipments from any trusted brand of such products.

2. Take the help of braids:-

Divide your hair into braids to make them wavy. Sleep with these braids and you will get your hair wavy soon.  This makes your hair trained to stay in wavy manner for the next day. Spray a bit of sea salt before dividing your hair into braids to make them have a permanent wavy feel. Braids work especially with dirty hair and thus your hair won’t need any special conditioning while dividing them in braids.

3. Use a hair diffuser:-

Usage of a hair diffuser can also prove to be helpful when you wish to make your hair wavy.  A hair diffuser comes with most of the hair dryers as one of its components. Use the same hair diffuser to diffuse the hair and you can easily divide them into wavy sections while drying them up. Hair diffuser proves to be simply the best approach when you have a hair dryer kit in your house.

4. Use mousse product:-

Mousse product is the one that acts like your friend when you wish to make your hair wavy. Most of us need a hair product when we have to make the hair wavy out of curls. Focus on mid-lengths to the roots and use fingers to comb the mousse through the hair. Pre-application of mousse with hair can aid you to make your hair wavy out of straight hair.

5. Use a light styling cream:-

Usage of a light styling cream can make you have your hair wavy. You can get various other hair styling lotions purchasing them from an online store in order to style your hair in wavy form out of straight hair form. Usage of hair shaping instruments can also prove to be helpful in such cases.

6. Go for a Professional Hair Treatment:-

If none of the approaches proves helpful in your case, just meet a professional hair expert and go for a professional hair treatment. The professional hair expert will use hair products on your hair and style them with styling creams in a wavy look transporting your straight hair into wavy form.


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