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How to Make Waterproof Labels for Bottles

How to Make Waterproof Labels for Bottles


Most of the bottles that we purchase from market are carrying a label from manufacturer’s side representing that the specific product belongs to him. This also carries the retail price, expiry date and manufacturing date related specifications along with the list of ingredients, name of brand and method of use to assist the consumer to be able to use the product properly and to be safeguarded against consumer exploitation. If you wish to market a newly launched product in market, you first have to get it registered and then when it comes the time for manufacturing, sales and packaging, you can design a label for your product bottles which can be done following these simple steps:-

How to Make Waterproof Labels for Bottles

How to Make Waterproof Labels for Bottles

1. Design a Label in Your Computer:-

You can use any software like Corel Draw, Photoshop, Paint etc. or simply any other picture editing tool to design a label in your computer. A label is generally rectangular in form and it should have a length one inch more than the circumference of your bottle. The breadth of this label can be kept anywhere less than half the length of label or one third the size of bottle.

2. Give It the Desired Specifications:-

Now in order to make a label for you, we will first of all give it the desired specifications. This will be the length and breadth specifications for your page of design. Once you succeed in giving desired specifications to your page layout, you can begin designing and adding information within it.

3. Take Print Outs:-

The label strip will be kept blank from one side while we will print the information on other side. We can print several labels on a single A4 sized sheet of paper by dividing the print into multiple labels with a significant gap between each of them. Once the layout is ready, we can take the print outs to cut off our labels and to use them with our bottles.

4. Cut off the Strips of Desired Lengths:-

The strips of desired length will be cut off from each print trimming them in a perfect rectangular shape. You can take a test print out first to check if the label fits best on a particular bottle or not. If one test print is successful, you can go for multiple prints afterwards.

5. Glue the Label on Bottle:-

Now when multiple labels are ready, you can take them one by one fixing them along the area of cross section of each bottle keeping the blank side downside and the printed side upside. We had kept one inch length extra with the label in beginning so as to be able to glue the label properly from one end to the another end.

6. Position A Tape Over It:-

Your label has been fixed properly over each bottle and now you will need a tape to lamination bigger than the label in terms if length and breadth. Just trim a significant portion of this tape (Same the length as label but at least half inch more in breadth) and then fix it in such a way that the entire label is covered or laminated by it. Your label will become water-proof.


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