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How to Make Simple Electric Generator for Home

Make an Electric Generator


An electric generator can be taken as an appliance that generates the electric power and makes the various equipment like fan or bulb glow up with the power generated. In order to make an electric generator, you will have to work on small scale first and then your mind will be filled with countless thoughts as like a scientist has got in him. If you wish to make a home based generator model, you may choose to go for some simple to follow tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Make Simple Electric Generator for Home

How to Make Simple Electric Generator for Home

1. Refreshing Your Mind:-

As the world is moving towards the renewable sources of energy rather than the non -renewable sources of energy, you should also look towards the renewable sources which include wind energy, biomass and solar energy. The more you will get familiar with these terms, the better you will be able to experiment with the power generation experiments.

As in case of an electric power generator, we generally use fuel based motors that operate after we fill fuel in them like petrol or diesel, if we make use of wind or solar energy, even the fuel won’t be used and there will be no pollution as well.

2. Gather up the tools:-

If you are planning to make use of wind energy, you will need to make a wind rotator that will rotate when wind blows or if you need to make use of magnetic induction technology, you can choose to go for the solenoid based approach. The tools that you will require for this purpose include iron nail, cardboard sheet, some cold drink plastic bottles, magnet, copper wire, tape and small bulb like the ones used in small LED torches.

3. Solenoid based approach:-

Regarding the solenoid based approach, you will need to take a long iron nail like the ones used in making ladders and then you will need to cut two circles from the cardboard sheet that are preferably of 1.5-3 cm radius and after you cut them off from the cardboard, you will need to make hole in them slightly smaller than the thickness of iron nail such that the cardboard circles get fixed properly on the iron nail and now turn wisely insert the iron nail through the cardboard circles in such a way that there is a gap of approximately 3 centimeters between them.

Wrap the area in between with the help of tape so as to make isolation and then take out copper wire approximately 4 feet long winding it on this area. The more is the length of copper wire wrapped, the better will be the power generated. The two ends that are out can be connected with a led bulb like the ones you use in small torches. Now your solenoid based power generator apparatus is ready.

Talking about the power, take a permanent magnet and move it close to this apparatus, you will see that after coming in the magnetic field of the permanent magnet, even the solenoid based electromagnet that you made has started functioning and the LED bulb glows when you make the movements.

4. Moving Your Mind towards Wind Energy:-

Talking about the wind energy, in this apparatus you need not do anything but you will need to make a wind rotator like the ones we see fixed at the roof tops of houses. Simply make use of the plastic cold drink bottles as to cut off their heads and make the wind rotators with it.

Now when these rotators will rotate after wind falls on them, the attached pipe to them will also move and that pipe can be fixed with a fan that you make. The greater is the wind speed in your area, the better will the rotator move and this way even the fan will move. If the wind speed is much higher than the normal, the other side can be attached to a turbine or a motor head so as to make it function and this way our electric generator will get ready.


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