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6 Ways to Make Short Skirts Look Longer

How to Make Short Skirts Look Longer


These days, short skirts are in trend. You look really appealing, sexy and gorgeous wearing short skirts if you have got fine legs, but sometimes it becomes a matter of embarrassment for a girl when the skirt gets extra short for her. Sometimes it has also been seen that if you do not wear a skirt for a long time, it becomes smaller for you to wear. Either it gets contracted or your size becomes somewhat large and in such cases you can make your skirt look longer following these simple steps:-

How to Make Short Skirts Look Longer

How to Make Short Skirts Look Longer

1. Nip in Your Waist at Its Narrowest Point:-

In order to make your skirt look somewhat longer, you can try nipping in your waist at its narrowest point. This will make the skirt come a bit lower and it will look like your skirt’s length got increased, but in such a condition, you should also double check the length of your under-wear as it may cause a wardrobe malfunction sometimes.

2. Open Up the Lower Boundary Stitch of Your Skirt:-

The lower boundary portion stitch of most of the skirts is folded from downside to give it a perfect finishing, you can open up the stitches of this area in order to increase your skirt’s length as the amount of cloth folded inner side to make stitches will increase the length of your skirt to make it look longer.

3. Repair it with a Non-Revealing Shirt:-

Take a non-revealing shirt and use it to repair your skirt. Simply tie the shirt around your skirt in such a way that it looks stylish and evens your skirt gets hidden. You can also do the same with a jacket or even a shawl or some other piece of cloth. Sometimes it has been noticed that girls look really cute while having a shirt tied around their waist and thus no-one will even get an idea that you are actually trying to hide your skirt with it.

4. Wear Leggings under Your Skirt:-

The best and safest way to safeguard yourself in an unrevealing way is to wear leggings under your skirt. This will make you look stunningly beautiful and no part of your body will be revealed when you do this. Remember to choose a non-revealing legging or a legging with thick cloth fabric for this purpose.

5. Stitch a Cloth Boundary to Its Lower End:-

If you have a spare-old piece of skirt or jeans available with you at home, you can manage to stitch a layer of it to the underside of your skirt in a fashionable way to increase its length. Attaching a cloth boundary to the lower and of your skirt this way looks fashionable, but not vulgar in any manner.

6. Avoid Wardrobe Malfunctions:-

While making any experiment with your skirt, you should keep in mind to avoid wardrobe malfunctions as a slight mistake from your side can cause a body revealing effect and can make you be a part of embarrassment in public. You should keep your stitches permanent in order to have long lasting results.


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