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How to Make Promo from Movie

how to make a promo video from movie


Promo is actually a way of marketing which is bought in use to give a small description of why a person should watch that movie and what the audience is going to find in it. A movie on the other hand is a series of still images taken in the form of videos and added with detailed numbering of characters participating in it. A movie may be a description of a particular story or a happening. A promo serves to be the best way of taking your movie amongst people even without actually releasing it.

A promo is as small as an act of four to five minutes or even as small as thirty to forty seconds. The main aim of such videos is to make the audience curious to know more. The curiosity results in an urge to watch the movie and finally the movie become a big hit. Here are some ways in which a promo for a movie can be made:-

How to Make Promo from Movie

How to Make Promo from Movie

1. Watch Out the Video yourself:-

First of all you will need to watch the entire movie yourself. You can also ask the other company/production mates to do this with you. Keep a copy and pen with each of these members who are watching this film and ask them to note down the names of scenes which fascinate or affect them the most. You also have to do the same thing keeping a copy and a pen in your hand.

2. Cut/Trim the Best Scenes and Dialogues from It:-

Now the scenes that all of you consider to be the best part of your movie can be trimmed down and they can be recollected once again to form a short clip.  This includes the best dialogues, part of song, fight scenes or some good instances from the story to give the audience a clue about your film.

3. Make another Small Clip with Those Scenes Added:-

Now all these scenes will be recollected and we will organize them again layer by layer adding the element of sound and action in it. A special orator can be hired for orating the description for movie to add his voice as a mouthpiece besides the scenes.

4. Add a Voice/Song/Way of Communicating:-

A song/voice or any other special effect can also be added to the clip to make it more attractive and appealing. If this is a magic based movie, you can add some of the magic tricks performed in the movie to this promo. If is is a dinosaur age movie, don’t forget to add some scenes of dinosaur. If it is about some superhero, don’t tell to introduce your hero in the promo itself.

5. Add Effects in it:-

The final effects are added and then promo is uploaded on websites like YouTube etc. We can also make a special website for the movie or else we can display this promo on all channels, making contact with the advertising and marketing department of the television industry. You can also make a voice promo to feature it on FM radio as well.


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