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5 Steps to Make Professional Quality Perfume at Home

How to Make Perfume


Perfume can be understood as a kind of scent that is rich in pleasant smell that we can apply on our body as well as surroundings in order to keep them rich in good fragrance making the environment pleasant to live in. The rest of the work is performed by the process of diffusion that makes fragrance reach from one place to other. These perfumed scents can be made at home applying some simple formulations at your home and giving some of your time and thus here we have come with a procedure for doing it in this article.

5 Steps to Make Professional Quality Perfume at Home

How to Make Professional Quality Perfume at Home

1. Collection of the ingredients:-

In order to make a perfume for yourself, first of all you will need to decide the right kind of fragrance that you need. Like suppose you like smell of roses or lavender, chamomile or rosemary, etc. You will need to collect the source of fragrance first of all, and then make a use of it so as to get some of that fragrance be bought in use.

2. Grind Up The Ingredients:-

If you are making a rose scent, you can choose to add some drops of rose water along with the petals of roses and grind them all in a grinder getting a bulk of rose leaves. If you have chosen some other flower, you will need to do the same with it and you may even make the usage of simple water in the other cases. You should avoid adding leaves and stem etc.

3. Store for Some Time:-

The grinded mixture such created should be stored in a spray pot. You may choose to use it as some oil based perfume or you may even sprinkle it while bathing so as to get rid of the odour as well. Rest of the job will be done by the process of diffusion itself. Store them preferable in a closed air tight container so as to prevent the blended mixture be prevented from swelling.

4. Chemical Based Perfume:-

There are some perfumes that can be made using chemicals also. There are some chemicals that when opened give a rich fruity smell. These chemicals can be diluted and can be used as a perfume adding fruit extracts to these chemicals. Remember, the chemicals used should be only in the diluted form and should not be harmful for human usage. You can even choose to go for the flower based fragrance extracts in order to do so.

5. Oil Based Perfume:-

You can even choose to experiment making perfume with a multiple range of essential oils like lavender oil, jasmine oil, patchouli oil, etc. to some Vodka and then stir slowly keeping it in a spray pot and then storing it in a dark place. Essential oils are rich in fragrance that can be used in order to make it used as a perfume.


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