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How to Make Paper Feel Like Real Money

How to Make Paper Feel like Money


If you wish to make paper feel like money, you would obviously have to learn the way to do so. In order to make paper feel like money to you, you would obviously need to take help of your skills and the paper would itself become money. It can either happen if you have got excellent writing skills or if you have got so much bank balance that the cherubs that you sign never bounce. If you are on such a big post that a single word from your side means everything, this can also make you feel paper like money. If you still feel doubtful how paper can be made money, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here:-

How to Make Paper Feel Like Real Money

How to Make Paper Feel like Real Money

1. Engage With Some Paper Sales/ Production Business:-

The best way to make paper feel like money is to get engaged with the business of paper sales, purchase and production business. This way you won’t actually just being producing and selling the paper, but it would feel to you as money as the more you make sales, the higher you get in terms of balances.

2. Enrich Your Skills:-

If the business of paper feels to be a foolish job to you, you would simply need to enrich your skills and you can start up any other business for yourself like getting engaged with the real estate business where whatever you write on the property papers can be exchanged for money.

3. Engage with the Profession of Writing:-

If you have got awesome writing skills, you can make paper feel like money making use of this skill as well. Simply take a paper, start writing and make deals with various local newspapers as well as other agencies and fetch yourself money in exchange of paper.

4. Become a Typist or Engage with Some Data Entry Job:-

The way to make paper feel like money is to engage you with some data entry based job. Simply copy each and everything that is writer on paper into Microsoft word and they pay you off for whatever you had copied from that paper to the file.

5. Try Your Hands in Some Big Business:-

You can also choose to try out your hands in some big business like that of shipping, retail, textile or any other sort of business that makes your pen and paper act as another form of money. The cheques that you issue to the public thus become another name of money out of paper.

6. Become A Publisher or Poet or Story, Script or Song Writer:-

If you find none of these professions to be interesting enough, you may also choose to go for becoming a publisher where the every book that you publish is sure to bring you some royalty or you may become a story or script writer so as to sell the stories and scripts that you write on paper and earn money selling them what makes you feel paper to be another name of money.


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