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How To Make Natural Hair Gels For Hair

How To Make Natural Hair Gels For Hair


A hair gel is a sticky, gel like substance prepared from naturally grown plant based extracts and oils. Hair gel is brought into use to make hairs get set properly. Most of the times when we have to reach a particular place in time for a party, we use such hair gels on our hair to make them get set as we comb them.  In market, products like set wet hair gel etc. are in a great demand today because of the same reason. Purchasing a gel costs us money and rather it is also rich in chemicals that we can’t ignore and because of this reason only, we have bought some tips here for you using which you can make a hair gel for yourself at home in an easy way:-

How To Make Natural Hair Gels For Hair

How To Make Natural Hair Gels For Hair

1. Ingredients needed:-

In order to make natural hair gel, you can bring the natural oils in use or it can also be made with flax seeds, gelatin, water, essential oils etc. cooking them to make hair gel. Ingredients like flax seeds come under herbal approach and it never even makes damage to your hair as well. In order to make this natural hair gel, you won’t even need anything in separate but you will have to use just a few of your kitchen utensils only.

2. Procedure of Making:-

In order to make this hair gel, we will first of all heat water and mix it with unflavored gelatin. We will stir them well to combine them in a proper way. The mixture will then be stored in a refrigerator for about 3-4 hours.  Once set, we will also add the essential oils according to preference in this mixture and then it will be kept aside.

3. Transfer the Mixture to a Tube:-

Take a tube or container and then transfer this mixture to it with the help of a funnel. Keep it refrigerated when not in use. Keep the ingredients hundred percent organic in order to create better results. Apply only a small amount of this gel on your hair at a time as else it can make your hair extra sticky.

4. Customize Your Hair Gel:-

If you have a hair gel kept in your house, just read its ingredients and look about each of them on the internet. You can customize your way of making hair gel afterwards like this. Just keep on mixing the ingredients bought in use by the hair gel manufacturer in your gel keeping in mind that it should be natural.

5. How to Know If an Ingredient Is Natural:-

Simply everything untouched by humans and made by nature itself is called natural. In order to judge that the ingredient you are using is natural or not, you will just need to note down its ingredients and look for their name and information on internet. You will come to know about the way they are obtained like this along with their benefits and harmful effects. You can eliminate simply everything un-natural and you can add every natural ingredient in this homemade recipe that we have provided you.


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