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How to Make Her do Whatever You Want

How to Make Her Want You


Most of us are very much possessive about our beloved. In such a time, it is but obvious for one to look for the chances to make his beloved fall in love with him. A famous English poet Nissim Ezekiel in one of his poem says,”A lover, poet and Birdwatcher are all the same. They have to be equally careful in order to fulfill their motive”. He also makes a remark about a lover that a lover has to be very much careful in order to make way for him through the darkness of his beloved’s heart. In order to make your beloved want you, you should first mind all your ways and in order to bring about the same, you can follow the tips that we are mentioning here:-

How to Make Her do Whatever You Want

How to Make Her do Whatever You Want

1. Be Seen and Be Friendly:-

First of all, you will have to be seen and in order to be seen, you will have to stay around your girl. Your main motive in such a time will be to establish a healthy friendship with her first of all. Let me tell you that girls really appreciate those who help all the people and thus you can make your presence felt by staying around her and helping approximately all the people you meet when you is around.

2. Make Space in Her Heart First:-

You have to make space in her heart first. First impression is the last impression and thus if you succeed in making space for yourself in her heart, you can easily win her completely. Start talking with her like a friend and ask her about her likes and dislikes. You can give her a clue that you really like girls like her but you should never propose her till this time.”

3. Never Make Haste:-

You should not make haste in proposing her during this time, but you can start asking her for minor meetings like going for a coffee together, asking her to join you for a movie or any other such kind of outing etc. This will take you relationship to the next level and she will soon get familiar with you and your face.

4. Be Careful:-

Be careful enough as to give her a clue that you are interested in her. Start complimenting her when you talk with her and make her dependent on you for her daily needs. Be a perfect person to give suggestions and help her in her everyday issues.

5. Arise Love in Her Heart for yourself:-

Your main aim in this time will be to arise love in your beloved’s heart for yourself. One sided love is never appreciated and thus in order to make sure that your love story gets turned two sided way, you will have to become a guy of her dreams. Keep asking her for her likes and dislikes etc. to adopt all those features in yourself.

6. Get Closer and Finally Reveal Your Love:-

When significant change takes place with you and your temperament, you can try reducing the distance amongst you and your beloved by finally proposing her while revealing your love in front of her. You can ask her if she also feels the same what you feel about her and I am very much confident that even she will say that she likes you.


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