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How to Make an Electric Car

How to Make an Electric Car


A car is something that fascinates every mind from youngsters to adults. If you are planning to make an electric car for yourself, you will need to make use of electric technology so as to make its tires move and the choices that you put in use so as to make it can vary from person to person. If you are working on an electric car model, you will just need to focus on the power backup of the car and the rest will be done as like you do while making the rest of fuel based cars. If you still feel doubtful, the tips that we are mentioning here may prove to be helpful for you in certain ways.

How to Make an Electric Car Step by Step

How to Make an Electric Car Step by Step

1. Preparing the Car Base:-

First of all you will need to prepare the car base. Take light weight tires and fix them up to the base attaching them with a rotating pipe. Connect the front two wheels with the back two wheels by making use of ball bearings along with a fixing pipe and your vehicle base will get ready this way. Take professional help if necessary.

2. Attach an Electric Engine with the Car:-

You will need to work on an electric engine that works with the supply of electricity by the means of a rechargeable battery attached to it. Simply fix up this rechargeable electric engine to the car base along with the battery and provide the outlet for charging it from outside, providing a dedicated space to deal with the battery.

3. Battery Attachment So As To Start the Car:-

The battery system will after attaching with the base need to be connected with the base tire system so as to make them rotate causing motion of the base. If the battery gets connected in a proper way, the car base will get able to move when electricity is supplied and the power is switched on.

4. Gear/ Non Gear System:-

Dealing with the speed modes that the car can operate on, you can choose to go for the gear based or gearless system as both are good with the electric cars. Simply make a connection of this gearing system so as to make the car be operated on different speed levels attaching an accelerator along with the steering wheel which will enable you to make moves with the car. The steering wheel will be connected with the first two tires so as to make them rotate when you move the steering.

5. Breaking System and Other Such Things:-

After fixing off the steering wheel, you will need to fix off the seats as well as breaking system along with the clutch and other dedicated light as well as indicator attachments that you will need to supply power with the battery circuit. The wipers need to be attached as well.

6. The Rest of the Car Cabinet:-

You may get the rest of the car’s cabinet be made with some metal based sheet welde4r and dealer. When the body gets made, they will fix it up to your car and you can get that car painted afterwards. Your electric car is ready not to be tested. Just remember to fix the dedicated buttons and strictly adhere to the power specifications of the each thing that you fix in your electric car along with the specific battery print of it.


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