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How to Make a Virgin Girl Non Virgin

How to Make a Girl Non-Virgin


Virginity is that state of a girl in which she is untouched, pure and none of the humans have made or established a physical relationship with her. By saying that a girl is untouched till this time, we never mean oral contact and instead we mean physical contact or the contact of her sexual organ with a male sexual organ. Once a male penis enters a female vagina, it loses its virginity and both, the male as well as female become a non-virgin. If you wish to make a girl non-virgin, you will need to have sexual contact with her and this includes you to follow several sophisticated steps which we have mentioned here for you:-

How to Make a Virgin Girl Non Virgin

How to Make a Virgin Girl Non Virgin

1. Finalize Your Mutual Decision:-

First here comes the need to have mutual understanding. Your girlfriend will agree to have sex with you only if you both have mutual understanding with each other. An act of forceful sex is never called love and instead it is called rape. You should thus first seek for your partner’s advice and finalize your decision before making her a non-virgin.

2. A Non-Fertilizing Loss of Virginity:-

In non-fertilizing approach for loss of virginity, you will make sex with a girl but she won’t get pregnant. In this approach a male makes usage of preventive measures like condom and he also asks the girl to have anti pregnancy pills in order to prevent her from getting fertilized. This stays the safest approach if you are going for a pre-marital sex as it will make the girl non-virgin besides not even making her pregnant.

3. A Fertilizing Loss of Virginity:-

Second here comes the fertilizing loss of virginity, which is mostly practiced between a husband and wife. Here in this approach none of the pregnancy barring pills or sheath or protective/preventive measures is brought into use and instead both male as well as female goes for a direct physical contact. This kind of virginity loss is very much likely to make a girl fertilized and pregnant.

4. Feelings and Foreplay:-

Feelings and foreplay play an important role in virginity loss. You can’t make better sex till you don’t go for it with proper energy, feelings and will. You can begin with a foreplay making the girl hot with your touch. You can begin with kisses and touch of your fingers and lips. You can move ahead with several parts of her body while foreplaying with her.

5. A Final Establishment of Sexual Contact:-

A good foreplay always follows a final establishment of sexual contact. One moment you will be kissing the girl like anything and other moment you will be removing her clothes one by one while still kissing her and finally you will be playing with her personal organs establishing a sexual contact with her.

6. Loss of Virginity:-

Loss of virginity takes place with the final establishment of sexual contact or when your own sexual organ enters the girl’s sexual organ with or without any preventive sheath worn over it. Sometimes loss of virginity is accompanied with bleeding, but it is normal.


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