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How to Make a Song a Ringtone on iPhone

How to Music iPhone Ringtone


In order to music iPhone ringtone, you will first of all need to choose a song in iTunes so as to use it as a ringtone. The best way to use a file of music as ringtone on iPhone is to convert it the way you wish from a song. In order to personalize your iPhone, you can turn any song to a ringtone using iTunes software on your personal computer editing the desired track to the right length and then setting it in place of the custom ringtone on your iPhone.  In order to personalize your iPhone and to allocate a specific phone as its ringtone, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Make a Song a Ringtone on iPhone

How to Make a Song a Ringtone on iPhone

1. Install iTunes Software in Your Mac or Computer:-

In order to use a particular music clip as a ringtone on your iPhone, you will need to install iTunes software on your computer or Mac. This is software that makes it possible for you to set ringtones, make experiments with music tracks and all other such jobs related to your Apple devices.

2. Choose a Song to set As a Ringtone:-

In order to make a ringtone out of a specific song, just choose it after opening it in the iTunes application while keeping its location memorized. Once you find a particular song which needs to be set as a ringtone, you can easily make changes with it using the same application.

3. Open the iTunes Software on Your Mac or PC:-

When you have chosen a specific song to make ringtone out of it, just click “My Music tab” and then choose that song from your hard drive which you had already marked to be set as a ringtone for your iPhone making a right click on it. Now, choose Get info option and then click the Options tab.  Here within the main panel of the same software, the settings for Start and Stop can be located and these are the same settings which make it possible for you to set a particular song as ringtone.

4. Convert It into AAC and Then Rename the File Extension:-

Set the start time and stop time first of all. Now convert the song length to AAC. Rename the file extension as “.m4r” by writing this extension after the file name and then add the song to tones section if iTunes. The same song length can be bought in use with the iPhone later on to get it played with every call that arrives.

5. Use It with Your iPhone:-

Once the ringtone gets made, you can freely use it with your iPhone using the same way as you bring in use while applying a general ringtone. You can use the same procedure again if you wish to make another ringtone out of music saved in your Mac or PC. Most of the pre-prepared ringtones on apple store are sold for money and thus this serves to be the best way to get ringtones free of cost.


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