How to Make a Seashell Necklace at Home

How to Make Your Own Seashell Necklace


Seashells are obtained from sea and these can be bought in use to make awesome and beautiful necklaces out of them. All you need is a piece of thread, a bit of pearls and seashells, a hole making machine and a bit of intellectual skills. You can collect these sea shells when you go for a walk on the beach. These can be varied in shape, size and color. It is better if you choose sea shells of the same size. You can even use other suitable sea material like sea stones etc. to make the necklace look really appealing. You can also use a metal/ steel string instead of thread to make such a necklace. In order to make your own seashell necklace, you can follow the following tips:-

How to Make a Seashell Necklace at Home

How to Make a Seashell Necklace at Home

1. Wash out and drill the sea shells:-

We can begin by washing out the seashells collected from the sea. This will make the seashells look better and even the germs will get eliminated from them like this. Cleaning also eliminates the odor and makes the surface smoother. Now use a drill machine with thin drill bit to make holes in these seashells and if the drill machine is not available, you can carefully use a hammer to pin an iron nail through each of these shells.

2. Arrange them respective to their size:-

Here comes the time to arrange each of these sea shells according to their size, color and texture. Eliminate the seashells which get broken because of drilling or hammering hazards. Remove any dirt or debris found in seashells and immerses them in soap solution for some more time if they are still dirty.

3. Adjudge the looks of your necklace:-

Till the time these seashells get cleaned, we can adjudge the looks of your necklace. A necklace can be made in three ways. One is to pick up a selected few seashells in order to make them in a pendant like way. The other includes you to use all the seashells within the same necklace to make it in a garland like manner and the third includes you to choose a mix of pearls, stones and sea shells to make the necklace.

4. String the shells in desired manner and amount:-

Here comes the time to string the shells in a piece of thread or a string of metal. You can use a thick copper or aluminum wire for this purpose or even steel will work. The choice of your string or thread depends on the type of seashells you have. If they are slightly golden or yellowish in color, you can use copper wire. If they are white, you can use steel/aluminum wire and if you are confused about the type of metal to use, just string them up in a portion of thread. Though we have advised you to use thread, but it is better if it is thin as seashells can get heavier sometimes when used like a necklace.

5. Groom yourself in front of the mirror:-

Once you get finished by stringing your seashells in a desired string or thread, you can physically groom yourself placing the necklace on the area of your neck. You can make a knot taking both the ends of string together if you are satisfied with the looks of your necklace. You can position a joint bid or necklace opener attachment at the either ends of your necklace to make it able to be opened and closed properly.


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