How Do You Make a Receiving Blanket Easily (6 Steps)

How Do You Make a Receiving Blanket Easily

How Do You Make a Receiving Blanket Easily


A receiving blanket is the one that we generally use for babies. A receiving blanket should be soft as well as warm and can be self knitted to make it with soft baby wool available at all leading stores. A baby’s skin is really soft and besides it the baby should be kept away from the effects of cold weather as well. In order to safeguard the baby besides protecting him from the effects of cold, you can choose to make a receiving blanket for your baby following the tips that we are mentioning here:-

How Do You Make a Receiving Blanket Easily

How to Make a Receiving Blanket

1. Choose the Perfect Kind of Wool and Knitting Needles:-

In order to make a receiving blanket, first of all you should choose the perfect kind of wool as well as knitting needles and if you are making this for a baby, you should for sure choose the baby wool which is soft as well as silky and comforting enough for a baby. The needles should also be purchased meeting the requirements.

2. Fabric and Thread of Perfect Quality:-

You should choose a fabric of perfect quality if you wish to make it not by knitting but by stitching. Simply reach the market and choose the fabric of desired type. Choose the treads of matching color and use your stitching machine to make a perfect receiving blanket with it.

3. Perfect Equipment for Making Stitching:-

If the fabric is extra thick, the home based machines are likely to get their needle point broken while dealing with them. In case the fabric is extra soft, the needle can tear the fabric and thus you would either have to make choice of machine according to the fabric or else you will have to choose the fabric according to the machine.

4. To Make Embroidery If You Wish:-

You can also add some artificial embroidery with the receiving blanket if you wish to make it look attractive and presentable enough or you may even do some thread and needle based embroidery over it with multiple attachments used in order to decorate it.

5. Don’t Let It Be Too Harsh For The Skin:-

Use any of the approaches that we are mentioning or do your own experiments while making the receiving blanket but never forget that a child’s skin is delicate as well as vital and thus you should never let the blanket get too harsh for the skin and it should be soft enough to comfort the bay as well.

6. Advice from the Experts:-

The experts say that you can use any kind of material suiting the child’s skin but you should prefer only the extra soft wool and for the purpose of making designs, you can choose to go for the various fashion and designing based magazines that are available with every leading wool and fabric seller store.