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How to Make a Pinhole Camera Step by Step

how to make a simple pinhole camera at home


A pinhole camera is a simple camera without any lens fitted in it. It includes usage of a single small aperture, a pinhole and a lightproof box with a small hole in one side to be bought into use as an apparatus for making it. Now when we use this camera, the light from a candle or torch will pass through a single point projecting an inverted image on the opposite side of box. This camera is also known by the names like “Obscura” or “Dark Chamber camera” and many other similar names. As we use a small hole in this device, it is called pinhole camera. The device is rather easy to be made at home and if you wish to make it, you can consider the following steps:-

How to Make a Pinhole Camera Step by Step

How to Make a Pinhole Camera

1. The ingredients needed:-

In order to make a pinhole camera, you will need the essentials like a can, a cutter, a paint brush/paint spray, black paper, a pin to create holes, a screwdriver to make a large hole, some sheets or cardboard and other such stuff like glue or tape whichever is available to help you during the same.

2. Beginning the approach:-

Take a red bull can or any other cold drink can or beer can and then use it as the camera body. Make the can light by painting its inside portion with black paint. You can also line it with black paper from inside. This is done in order to prevent reflection of light. Paint it inside as well as outside in such a way that no paint has chipped off.

3. Attaching the film:-

The film will now be attached to the inside of the can lid making a pin hole at the bottom of the pan. You can also generate the hole in can itself, but we will advise you to use a separate piece of black paper or thin metal instead. Just make a hole in the can and place this paper over it. The film is attached and it will give you the best results if pinhole is at a distance of 3-6inches from the film.

4. Giving it a final touch:-

Make a hole somewhat large in size. Say 0.8mm in size. This will be made in the center or bottom of the camera body and you will have to glue your pinhole in position over the center of the hole. In order to make shutter for your camera, you can use a dark opaque flap of paper. In order to make a viewfinder, you can use two pieces of cardboard. The front frame and rear frame will also be made like this.

5. Keep the Camera Still When Shutter Is Open:-

When we open the shutter, the camera will be kept still. In order to check the functionality of your pinhole camera, you can also choose to test it first by keeping a candle near the hole and lighting it. If its inverted image is generated, you can think that your camera is working.

6. Developing the negatives:-

Developing the negatives will follow the same approach as we follow while getting the normal negatives developed. If you are making a pinhole camera for a science experiment, you can make it with the help of cardboard sheets as well. Just make a box of cardboard sheet with a small pin hole at the other end while a somewhat large hole at the back end. Paint the box black and then put a lighted candle at its one portion. You will see an inverted candle from the pin hole this way.


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