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How to Make a Paper Boat (11 Steps)

how to make a paper boat step by step instructions


To make a paper boat is one of the best art and craft skills that can be bought to make best out of waste. You can make a paper boat with any piece of rectangular paper sheet provided it is of A4 size. The boat made with this approach is light and easy to be flown with the stream. Here are some steps that you can follow in order to make a paper boat:-

how to make a paper boat step by step instructions

How to Make a Paper Boat

1. Take a Sheet and Divide It in Two Halves:-

First of all we take an A4 size sheet. This sheet can be of any color or texture that you want and it can even be a rough piece of newspaper or any pamphlet as well. We have taken an A4 size print out paper here to give you a better demonstration but you can take any kind of paper that you wish. Now, after taking this paper, mark a mid point across it’s both longer sides and then join both those points in order to divide the page in two halves. i.e. “A” and “B”. Now fold the paper in such a way that “A” portion exactly covers the “B” portion.

2. Find The Mid Point And Make Two Paraller Lines:-

Now again we are resulted with a folded rectangular paper. Here we will again find the longer side of it and then we will find its mid point. Now this time, we have to mark two more points within one centimeter distance from right and one centimeter from left of this mid point. Ignore the mid point and draw two perpendiculars from the rest of two points so as to get two parallel lines. Similarly, find the mid point of shorter sides of the paper as well.

3. Give It Two Triangular Folds From The Either Sides:-

Take one of the shorter sides and make a triangular fold starting from the mid point of shorter side to the point near the mid point of longer side. Perform the same approach with both the sides to get a triangular division of folded paper sheet.

4. Fold The Remaining Strip Of Paper Left:-

Now, as we had not divided the paper fold from its mid point, a significant length of about one inch of paper will be left under the triangular formation. Just fold the remaining part of sheet one side from the front and one side to the back.

5. Give it a pyramid or politician cap’s shape:-

We will pick up this paper structure from its base side now and we will open the base such that it forms a pyramidal formation or a formation which looks like a minister’s cap. Some part of the paper folds will be left un-joined and we can merge it within the other part of fold.

6. Make It Plain Once Again:-

Now we will make it get plain once again by pressing the structure so as to form a flat kind of square shaped formation.

7. Give It Another Triangular Fold:-

The folded formation that we have in our hands now is in the form of square closed from one side but able to be opened from the other side. We have to pick this formation from this opened point and we have to give it two triangular folds once again from the either sides.

8. A Triangular Formation Will Be Formed:-

The folded piece of paper will again start resembling a pyramid or minister’s cap when you give it two more triangular folds from the either sides.

9. Open It Again From The Base:-

Though this time, the base doesn’t have any strip at all but still we will grab the paper formation from its base side and we will open it again to form a pyramidal or minister’s cap like structure. Just grab the base and put your finger inside to open it.

10. Fold The Base Again:-

Now pick one of the corners of this formation which is a pointed one and join it with the other pointed corner of this formation. Your paper fold will again start looking like a flat square. This square fold will resemble a shape where one of two of the pointed corners won’t be able to be opened while one of the pointed corners can be opened.

11. Open The Fold:-

In last step, we open the fold from place where the pointed corner is able to be opened. The boat gets ready when we open the fold and we can easily make it float in any stream of water such as river, rain water, water tank, bucket full of water and simply any other place with water collected in it.


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