How to Make a Minecraft Server and Play with Friends

How to Make a Minecraft Server


You may simply take a minecraft server as a game that you have created for yourself like the game of rummy or solitaire that when you play along with your friends becomes an inexplicable memory for all and this is the only purpose for which people build minecraft servers. If you wish to create a minecraft server for yourself to play games along with your friends that can join you within that for the purpose of playing, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here:-

How to Make a Minecraft Server

How to Make a Minecraft Server

1. First of all create a quick game for yourself:-

Let it be any game Say rummy, let it is single player or multi player. You just need to Start the game and then press “Esc” to open the menu. Now in that menu you just need to make a Click on “Open to LAN” and then you can select the game mode for the other players as well as yourself the way you will like to play it. You may keep it to be adventure game or survival game etc. and if you wish that the other players can be enabled with cheats, you can allow it else you also get an option to block cheats as well.

2.  Now make a click over “Start LAN world:-

An address will be depicted that you have to note down. The same address can be bought in use for sending to your friends in order to play games with them and make them join along with you, but these should have my craft on their computer sets and they will need to be on the same server.

3. Switching between Multiplayer and Single Player:-

The network scan would have to be completed first of all as the servers always need to be checked if the data speed or network is eligible for the connection or not and then you can make the desired settings within the minecraft server. Simply switch between the single player or multi player and then go for making the rest of desired changes.

4. It is simply to be On the Server and To Join the Game:-

To make any game within the minecraft server is just like simply to stay connected with the server and to join the game along with your friends playing with them the way you and your friends wish it. Simply provide them the link designated for playing the game and they can get connected with you over the server to play games your way.

5. Add it manually With the Server:-

You can also add a game manually to the server. It is just like make, change the settings, procure the server link and then distribute it to those whom you wish to connect while gaming and even the others can follow the same procedure in order to create the minecraft server like you have made it. Enabling the cheats will spoil the flavor of game sometimes and thus when you use the facility to block cheats, the games become another kind of fun for you as well as your friends.


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