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How to Make a Kite at Home that Will Fly (6 Steps)

How to Make a Kite


Kites are a paper made flying object made to be flied in the sky and people like to fly kites on various occasions like independence day, republic day and various other festivals as well. Kites are famous amongst every age groups and can be made at home as well. In order to make kites at home, you need not do much labor and in order to make kite at home, you will need just to follow some simple steps that I am mentioning here.

How to Make a Kite at Home that Will Fly (6 Steps)

How to Make a Kite at Home that Will Fly

1. Gathering The Essential Raw Material:-

In order to make a kite, first of all you will need some raw material like a broomstick of proper length and some other raw material like colored paper of proper length along with some colored tape, some kite thread, some paper based decorations etc.

2. Cutting Up The Paper:-

Cut up the paper in desired kite like shape and then fix up two broom sticks on it that cut it diagonally. Both will be tied up at the mid part of it but the first one will be fixed upon it in a bow like shape while the other will be fixed in a straight manner. You can choose to fix up these sticks with gum first of all and then fix up them with paper tape so as to enhance the bonding.

3. Making the tail of the kite:-

Now, after your kite has been made, you can cut up some piece of paper or polythene works so as to make the tail of this kite. This tail can be kept as long as you want it, but remember to do it in a favorable way by keeping the kite light enough to be flown in the sky in a proper way.

4. Tying Up the Kite Thread:-

After the kite has been made and the tail has been fixed up, you are advised to tie up the thread to it. Simply make two holes in your kite at a gap of six inches straight along with the straight broomstick that you had fixed up earlier. Break up one meter thread and take out that thread from these two holes, making a proper knot at both the ends along with the broomstick.

5. Make Some Art Work:-

After you have fixed up the kite thread at the respective place, you can choose to make some artworks on your kite so that it easily gets recognized in the sky. One of these is my favorite in which we take a marker and make funny faces on the kite or paste some colored circles or stars by cutting and pasting the colored paper on our kite.

6. Flying Up The Kite:-

After the kite has been decorated, you can choose to fix up the flying thread to the thread that you had fixed up earlier by making a knot and then ask one of your friend to keep holding the kite and then leave it when the air blows so that you may fly it up by pulling up the string and then let your kite reach the heights this way. The sky is the limit. Keep enjoying with yourself made kite.


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