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4 Steps to Make a Homemade Bomb

How to Make a Bomb


To make a bomb depends on the raw material that you have. If you have got the explosive with you, you can easily make it, but if you don’t have that, you can choose to make a bomb using some chemicals or by the stuff that is easily available at home. You just need some raw material and that’s it. In order to make a bomb at home, you will need to follow some simple steps that we are mentioning here.

4 Steps to Make a Homemade Bomb with Household items

Make a Homemade Bomb with Household items

1. Gathering The Raw Materials:-

In order to make a chemical based bomb, you will simple need to mix up some chemicals in the concentrated state and it will go boom. You can consult these chemicals with some chemistry expert as it might prove to be a bit unsafe for you, but if you need to make some safe cracker like bomb for yourself, you may choose to make a small explosive bomb or the matchbox bomb, for this you will need some explosive, paper and hundreds of match sticks and some empty matches.

2. Making The Explosive Bomb:-

Simply take some raw, explosive, close it up in a paper in a one centimeter cylindrical like way and then close the other end of it with some mud. Take another piece of paper and enclose some explosive in it and form a 0.2mm cylindrical attachment with it like that you did with the explosive earlier. Attach the 2mm cylindrical creation that you made with the large 1cm cylindrical one in a cracker like way and put it on fire. It will blast up like a cracker. The amount of explosive will decide the extent of damage that it will cause.

3. Making A Match Box Bomb:-

If you need to go safe, you may choose to make a matchbox bomb and for it, simply take the match sticks out of the matchbox and then cut off the match heads with a blade. Now, Cut out all striking strips from the box that you make use of in order to ignite a match stick. Make a loop from it in such a way that striking surface stays outside. Do this with many matches. And fix the igniting surfaces in a loop like form taping a thin layer of match heads to the inside of this loop. Make another loop like this and make it in a reverse order such that the striking surface stays outside doing the same that you did with the first one forming the fire balls. These balls will get even more explosive if you add much match heads and thus will act like a bomb when you bring them in operation.

4. Making the Explosion:-

While experimenting with these bombs, make sure to wear some eye protection as well as body protection as the case is of an explosion, take every precautionary step that you need as a slight mistake can prove your life at risk. You may even choose to make experiments with the crackers based explosive, but that may prove to be dangerous for you as well as the others.


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